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The revolution in the car market in Israel has started: purchase, leasing, rental and also insurance - voila! vehicle


With a digital and friendly frisbee, 100 service and sales points spread from the north to the south of the country and for the first time the option to return the vehicle after the purchase, the service experience becomes easier

Frisbee (Photo: PR)

When was the last time you considered buying a car or changing the car you own and postponed the decision or gave it up because of the high price, the bureaucracy involved or because of the fear of the fine print?

For most of us this is a weighty decision.

There are about 3.5 million private vehicles on the roads in Israel.

Each and every one of the owners of private vehicles has to insure the vehicle, examine the possibility of vehicle financing and more.

This is a "headache" and therefore we give up or postpone the replacement of the vehicle.

The hassle involved, the bureaucracy and in some cases a lack of familiarity with the automotive world, raises questions such as: What should I buy?

Which car will better meet the needs of the family?

With which car will I visit the garage less often?

And how will I finance the purchase?

This is precisely why Frisby was born, offering a new solution in the Israeli automotive world and a new service concept that provides an answer to exactly these problems: lack of transparency, complex bureaucracy and purchase anxiety.

For the first time, through Frisbee you can find all the solutions in one place, save time, receive an affordable value proposition and enjoy unprecedented flexibility in the Israeli automotive industry.

The customer's needs change, even if the customer has regretted and wants to change his choice, Frisby people will be there, prepared and ready to help reduce the load and the cost of the mistake.

From today everything is open, the decisions are not for years, and the customer is not limited by tough agreements and market barriers.

The group has 100 Frisbee points nationwide, which enable a comfortable, easy and simple experience, and today also a friendly digital portal, which offers the comprehensive basket of car services in Israel without getting up from the sofa.

The flexibility, ease and comfort are the result of processes worked on at Frisbee over the past decade with the aim of becoming the largest and most diverse transportation group in Israel, offering a full response to the personal transportation needs of the Israeli public: new vehicle, trade-in, used vehicle, private and operational leasing, rental, insurance, energy charging stations and financing services.

Frisbee offers the widest variety of new vehicles in Israel right from the opening point - 14 new vehicle brands and no less than 42 different models!

Yes, thousands of used vehicles in every possible category.

Nissan Qashqai (photo: courtesy of Frisby)

Freesbe aims to represent two central values ​​for the customer:

freedom from bureaucracy and complex processes

: "everything in one place, fast, easy and convenient" - starting with the purchase of a car and continuing with all the services involved in the purchase such as insurance, financing and more.

All this at the customer's choice, digitally or physically, while significantly saving time.

The freedom of mobility

: easing the anxiety of the purchase and reducing the price of the mistake with a wide flexibility that has not yet been seen in the car market, for the first time in Israel, Freesbe will allow its customers to return the car after its purchase, even if it has already been used.

A used car can be returned the first week after its purchase for a refund and a new car can be returned for a year (!) from the date of its purchase.

From today - the customer can regret and simply return.

This is just one example.

The leasing, insurance and financing routes are also receiving far-reaching changes, which allow extraordinary flexibility in changing routes, periods and the content of services.

Frisbee is here to make the experience easier, accessible and available, whether you choose to go to the point of sale or make a transaction through digital.

We are here to reassure, to offer a solution not only for the purchase but for every supporting need in one place, in an easy and clear way.

Buying a car is a complex event, we understand that and work to simplify the process.

Beyond the concentration of all services in one place, the customer also has the option of returning the vehicle.

you tried?

Do you want to return?


No problem, we have an offer for you every step of the way.

Frisbee - Relax, it's just a car.

We will make it easy and accessible for you.

In collaboration with Frisby

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