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"Survival": Aviran decided to stop being the good guy, and it was great - voila! culture


Natasha's takedown attempt is the best thing that happened to her and their knight in the game: standing against the wall put them in a nothing-to-lose mode and gave them the courage to execute a move. "Survival" column

Surviving the Philippines: The surprising move of Aviran (Network 13)

Shikar left and probably won't come back.

It's a shame, it's hard, but after we've come to terms with that fact, let's be happy with what we have, and that's without a doubt the fact that Byrne decided to grow a pair of balls and stop being the nice gay.

And who would have believed that all that had to happen for that was for everyone to disappoint him - one by one - and try to cause the playful death of his best friend, Natasha.

that's it.

For those who are not updated on the events because it is difficult to follow both the destruction of the country and the "survival of the Philippines" at the same time, I will tell you that in the last council Natasha's name was written on six notes - seven, if you count the intentions of Tal, who at the end cheated and wrote a lie.

There hasn't been such an unequivocal elimination since the beginning of the season, and on the other hand - the immunity figurines that were distributed this season with a very wide hand saved the situation and left Natasha in the game, with her back to the wall and more dangerous than ever.

She wakes up the morning after getting sober and talking to God with the equivalent of a night of upset stomach insights, and if you thought she was too cranky before, well done, idiots - you've pissed her off even more.

Finally, she is not alone with her anger, because Aviran joined her, and come on - it sits well on him.

I much prefer the man-man knight who tells Gal at the height of niceness that she can make it to the finals but not win, to Tal that he doesn't trust him.

You are a knight who plans a coup d'état, just like in our charming reality.

more dangerous than ever.

"Survival of the Philippines" (Photo: screenshot, network 13)

He turns to Elit, who turns to Casey and Sahar, in an attempt that will probably succeed in joining them in the move on Tal's head.

Natasha's takedown attempt seems to be the best thing that happened to them in the game: standing against the wall put them in a 'nothing to lose' mode, from which they got the courage to execute a move.

And it also happened in a sterile way that survivors love so much - as a counter-reaction to the move made against them - which provides them with the moral justification to finally start playing the game.

Tal gets hit on the head because he lied on the note contrary to the summary, sorry, Gal's orders.

He tries to convince her that it was a last-minute change of heart for a strategic purpose, but she feels and knows the bitter truth.

Tal may not understand it yet, but she is right - a change of heart at the last minute not only leaves her alone to deal with Natasha and Aviran's anger, but this is the first independent step Tal takes in the game, and a clear sign of his distancing himself from her.

Just like the British royal palace distanced itself from the deviant Andrew so as not to smear him with dirt.

Again we see this survival dynamic, in which a man and a woman run together, with her doing all the dirty work and him taking advantage of her to keep himself clean and leaving a second before the end.

Natasha tries her best to carry out the task assigned to her by his knight: to be nice - well, reasonable - to everyone in order to put them to sleep.

She barely manages not to throw up on Gal and Tal who come to flatter and tell stories, but only because she has nothing in her stomach, and for a change, she is really not interested in food either.

So much so that at the auction, which is undoubtedly the happiest event in "Survival", she behaves with suspicious generosity and even donates her money to her enemies.

She gives Gal 300 pesos and allows her to upgrade the bottle of colored sand that came straight to the Philippines from the eighties - for a continental breakfast, and to Maya, who is fainting from hunger, she gives up in the fight for one cloche that has a croissant in it.

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Building on her black work.

Tal Vegel, "Survival of the Philippines" (photo: screenshot, from "Survival" Network 13)

Casey is convinced that she has the biggest escape in "Survival", because instead of eating, she received an ugly candle stand that Guy Zoertz firmly claims is the bracelet of life, but the winning escape is without a doubt Sahar, who manages to buy himself a coconut for a thousand pesos, which turns out to be rotten as well.

Aviran, who also comes to work, subsidizes Sahar a few hundred pesos to upgrade the coconut for snacks, and create a positive Pavlov effect for him - now Sahar is a good dog - a sensory link is created between Aviran's tan and the taste of sodium and monosodium glutamate.

Is there anything tastier than monosodium?


The one who suddenly blossoms, precisely after 30 days on the island, is Alit Musayouf.

She finally stopped gambling and realized that she had fun, and now, when there are also bills in the business, she is at her best.

She also succeeded in selling - her first purchase yielded a hamburger and fries, the leftovers of which she sold to the starving Casey for the bracelet of life.

A True Story.

But the smile that was spread on her face after the first bite of the hamburger cannot be bought with money - it was so wide that at once all the expressions on her face returned, and there is a situation that she developed a resistance to Botox in the future as well.

Natasha finishes the day with a huge advantage.

She has the second life bracelet (Alita the maroon is going to lose in the life and death task), won gifts from the house for everyone, earned Gal a breakfast and Maya an almond croissant - this is how anesthesiologists compete in "survival", people: they are fed.

Hidden inside Maya's croissant was a USB flash drive that was to be revealed at the decision summit.

"Who are you least connected to? Who would you like to get to know more?", Guy Zoertz asks Maya slyly.

It is clear that she will choose Natasha - and so it is decided that they will both go to the top together, when the disk and key has information that only Natasha is allowed to see and Maya is supposed to trust her.

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A smile resistant to Botox.

Alit and the hamburger, "Survival" (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

So Natasha lied, everyone knows Natasha lied, but all this is forgotten when the message box is pulled out of the house, and everyone goes into the excitement and sharing mode of a personal development workshop.

Casey tells about her brave mother who moved alone to North Tel Aviv, and about the poverty and shame that accompanied her throughout her childhood, Maya receives a picture of her mother in a swimsuit and admits that she still lives in her womb, and Tal takes advantage of the exciting moment to see how Maya will grow up.

Aviran cries for his mother, who he hasn't spoken to for half his life, and Elita cries as a substitute for the island's archetypal mother, and assures him that she will forgive immediately.

The photo of Sahar with his mother four months before her passing at least warrants the tears, and the photo of Tal's mother, a devastating blonde who looks a bit like - well - Maya, breaks them up for good.

Relative to the fact that everyone's mother is so important to them, there really are very few women in the government.

Now, Natasha wasn't kidding when she said she couldn't lie - she was really bad at it.

In the video she saw a box and a safe code with the numbers 9261, probably the solution to a future mission - again - a victory that is guaranteed to her in advance.

It is clear that she does not reveal to Maya what the code is, only that instead of simply giving her the wrong number from the beginning, she tries to convince Maya that she is blind.

"The screen is scratched, the sun is disturbing, I don't understand what I see, I don't see anything" - it's good that she didn't hire a trained guide dog and a stick and went back to the camp with him.

And if Natsha is a bad liar - Maya Kay is a terrible actress - she ends the meeting with the unconvincing sentence "I'm glad we were here together, Natsha, that we got a little closer."

came on

Really, is that what you have?

History's famous closing sentences aren't exactly rattling with fear about their status right now.

"I'm glad we got closer Netshi" is no competition to "we'll always have Paris", for example, or "let's not get caught - we'll just keep going" says Thelma to Louise just before they race into the Grand Canyon and to their deaths.

Natasha, do yourself a favor, don't go into politics, because you're not good at it.

Maya, make a fool of yourself - don't go play at the Fringe Theater, because we won't stand for it.

Production, I beg you, reduce the number of inelegant actions taken in one day just to keep Natasha in the game.


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