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Noa Kirel: "Obviously there are concerns. There is nothing to be done, Eurovision involves politics" - Voila! culture


After the unveiling of the song "Unicorn" that will represent Israel at Eurovision, Noa Kirel responds in an interview with Walla! Culture for criticism that the corporation prevented an opportunity for all creators to compete

An excerpt from the music video for the song "Unicorn" performed by Noa Kirel (courtesy here 11)

"Eurovision involves politics, and of course there are fears of losing votes because of that" - that's what singer Noa Kirel says in an interview with Walla!

Tarbut, after revealing last night (Wednesday) the song "Unicorn" that will represent Israel in Eurovision 2023 to be held in Liverpool, England.

The song, which was presented on a festive broadcast in Khan 11, was created by Kirel with Yanon Yahal, Mai Safdia and Doron Medley.

Noa, at the press conference you have easy interviewers, from Israel, who love you and we all want you to win first place.

In Europe there will be less nice interviewers.

Have you already started rehearsing how to answer political questions that will surely come from the foreign media?

Israel is now receiving a lot of criticism for the legal revolution.

Are you afraid of these questions and that it will make you lose votes?

"Obviously there are concerns, because there's nothing to be done, politics is also involved in Eurovision. You asked if I've started preparing, so the answer is no yet, because I'm going through everything. The song just came out, the music video just came out, I'm letting people get used to it and me too. Of course I'll go through On this in an orderly manner, I want to arrive prepared. I am aware that I represent Israel, and that I will be asked questions that are not the most fun in the world. It is the least fun side, but in the end I represent a country that is my home. I represent Israel, which is a country So progressive and amazing and I enjoy representing my country so much, so I will arrive prepared for any question that may come. And I think that what is amazing about Eurovision is that for a small moment every country comes up and sings its song, for a moment you forget a little bit about politics, and there is something terribly pure in music that connects everyone, especially in a time like this. So I hope that my song and representation will shed some light and bring some hope, and unite a little. Maybe. I wish."

Are you afraid that one of the writers of the song, Doron Medley, will also say about you what he said about Neta Barzilai, "She got into a situation"?

"I'm not afraid of it. The truth is I didn't think about it. But I don't think it will happen. It's less the situation."

Who really got into the situation this time - you or Medley?

"We all got caught up in a situation. I'm in a situation - they chose me. We're all caught up in a situation. But in the best sense of the word."

Noa Kirel (Photo: Moran Krib)

How did the song selection process actually go?

I know that Ron Beaton, who wrote you a bunch of hits, did a song for you with Geordie, which was not accepted.

Were there other creators who submitted nominations?

"There were all kinds of creators, I got to work with all of them along my way, in my career. In the end, you choose what feels most appropriate and right for the situation. Because it's not an ordinary song. It's a song that represents the country, and it needs to have specific elements and some kind of message. And in the end, what really The most suitable - selected".

In the music world, there were those who criticized the fact that in a public broadcaster, all the creators were not given the opportunity to compete for the writing of the song, as was done in the past, and not just the people you work with and choose.

"I don't see it that way. The situation here is quite different, because as soon as they chose me to represent Israel at Eurovision, they also gave me artistic freedom and told me 'we trust you' which is really an honor, and they told me 'you've been doing this for years and Something you really know best so go this way and with what you believe', so they let me work with the people I already work with. And I really have a dream team, including Doron Medley who has already won Eurovision before. So that's how I went, my way."

Another puzzlement arose from the fact that you chose to shoot the music video in Poland.

Why does a song that represents Israel and is sent through a public broadcasting organization film a music video in a foreign country, and employ a Polish production company, Polish extras and Polish crew members - instead of more Israelis working in the music video.

"We filmed in Poland for production reasons. We combined both Israelis and Poles. The project had an Israeli director, the team that accompanied me was Israeli, there were a lot of Israelis."

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Noa Kirel (Photo: Eran Levy)

The one who leads the betting is the Eurovision winner from Sweden from 2012, Lorin, who returned to the competition.

What did you think of her song?

Do you feel threatened by her?

"The truth is that she is amazing and her song is excellent and her performance is amazing. Sweden is Sweden. They are always at the top. They are Eurovision experts. They know what they are doing. Competition is always good, it spurs me on. And I also come to the situation. I am now less competitive. I try to enjoy myself more From the road, and as soon as I'm at peace with the song and feel the support and love behind me, then I respect every place I get to."

In the last Eurovision, Armenia's song, "Snap", only reached the 20th place, and yet it became a crazy hit with over 500 million listens on Spotify alone, and more than 400 million uses on TikTok.

So what would be considered more success in your eyes, that the song "Unicorn" will reach a high place in the competition or an explosion in listening and networks?

"If it's possible to have both, which is good, I'd be happy. You never know. Yes, today the rules of the game have changed. I don't know which is really better. I'd be happy to have both."

How afraid are you that you won't make it to the final or that you will make it and finish in a low place?

"There are always concerns, as in everything, I take risks and I am satisfied with the result and I hope it will be the best. And what doesn't depend on me - doesn't depend on me."

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