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It is impossible not to suffocate in front of the editions. Herzog is right: it's a nightmare - voila! culture


Watching TV in this extreme period leaves a feeling of drowning. It affects the viewer, the president and also the presenter. Danny Kushmaro illustrated this over and over again

On video: President Herzog "will pay any price to find a solution" (Government Press Office)

It is not certain that President Yitzhak Herzog's speech, which was announced at short notice, will be remembered as a positive turning point in the crazy days that the State of Israel is currently going through.

Blessed are the optimists - I am no longer among them.

In fact, it was one of the saddest televised moments seen here, perhaps ever: in the absence of a solution, the president of the country described what he sees as the destruction that is unfolding before his eyes.

"A nightmare of a country," he said despairingly, and accurately.

And no one understood these words of Herzog better than Danny Kushmaro, a man who had already presented many, many evenings of news throughout his life.

Yesterday, I almost felt sorry for him: he had to be the man trying to arrange a never-ending and impossible sequence of events, each of which individually would have been enough time for an entire news reel and today is barely a moment in the edition.

And these are names: a day of demonstrations;

Blockages of roads and the disruption of the road to Ben Gurion Airport;

The Prime Minister's maneuvering in a helicopter under the auspices of the "deception exercise" is embarrassing for citizens - just so he can go on a promiscuous trip abroad while the country is on fire; the removal from service of one of the former senior Air Force officers, who was one of the leaders of the pilots' protest; the puzzling removal of the commander of the Tel Aviv district of the police Before the editions, as part of a "round of appointments"; a surprise speech by the President of the State; a response statement by the Prime Minister; and finally, to my horror, an attack in Tel Aviv. Long live Topol, a cultural icon of enormous magnitude - we have not arrived at all. Another day in the Jewish state: a nightmare or Not a nightmare?

"Crazy evening".

Danny Kushmaro (photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

And this is how Kushmaru described it yesterday over and over again in the never-ending edition, in growing frustration.

"event follows event";

"As if that was all we were missing tonight";

"A country in chaos, there is no other way to describe what is happening here";

"It's a crazy evening, we started with Ben Gabir deposing the commander of the Tel Aviv district because, according to him, he was not aggressive or violent enough towards the protesters, then the president of the country who said that the government's legislative outline should be removed from the world, that it harms democracy. The president said: Enough is a disaster , to be or to cease, we are approaching the point of no return, and soon he will present his outline - and now this event";

"It's an evening very busy with news";

And finally: "Let's try to sum up this crazy day again."

I am not reviewing these many citations to condemn Kushmaru.

On the contrary: they are honest, and they have a bigger story about the Israeli media in recent times.

Masses of Israelis were in the field yesterday, experiencing the day's events themselves.

But those who looked at the television yesterday and saw the events through the screen - and not only yesterday, but during the entire recent period - cannot help but choke.

this is too much.

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Watching television in these delusional days - faced with radical legislation, unfounded bills, despicable statements by elected officials, politics that undermines all the foundations of this place, extreme violence and terrorism, and in addition a language that is corrupted and falsely distorted day after day by cynics - leaves a feeling of drowning.

It is difficult to contain all this, to arrange it logically.

As in the face of the corona, as in times of war, we are once again in an endless and brutal open wave.

The viewers are attacked with stories that encourage anger, in a carnival of shouting - in other words: with a terrible concentration of pieces of reality, which is unbearable from the beginning.

You have to look, but you also can't help but want to stop.

The mirror collapses, and you can't believe the reflection.

This process happens on both sides of the screen.

It affects the viewer, and also the president, and even the presenter.

Look at Kushmaru, and you will see us.

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