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The artificial intelligence boom, beyond ChatGPT: 5 free platforms to take advantage of


They allow from learning English to programming, correcting texts, composing songs or creating works of art.

Artificial intelligence (AI) -by means of the instructions that run through its algorithms- aims to emulate those cognitive processes that subsequently lead to mental activities such as learning

, creativity or the ability to plan


The paradigm that best represents these synthetic virtues is ChatGPT, a system developed by OpenAI that is generating a lot of noise in the tech environment for being able to answer all kinds of questions in natural language.

And although it is the most widespread,

it is not the only one


“Emerging AI models constitute one of the greatest technological advances of recent times.

And although there are several available, such as Compose AI or Jasper AI, the only one that managed to achieve massiveness was ChatGPT”, explains Santiago Braña, CEO of ERKS Virtual Studio.

To understand how these mathematical thoughts evolved,

5 free platforms

capable of composing music, having conversations, creating works of art, correcting texts and programming code 

without human intervention


chatGPT, one of the most complete models.

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"The irruption of these tools has awakened us to an extremely complex reality, even for adults: how to manage a world in which technology will have more and more prominence. Behind this lie a whole series of ethical dilemmas that come from said progress," asks Gabriel Rshaid, director of The Global School.

Most of these digital environments allow you to create a

free and functional

account , although with some limitations.

To access the full version require a paid subscription.

“These applications represent a great opportunity, since each person will be able, using these tools, to boost their production, creativity or whatever their main activity was and catapult themselves to levels never before imagined”, adds Braña.



It allows you to create songs, operas or soundtracks.

AI models are increasingly influencing musical transformation.

This contemplates from its generation, the mastering and the transmission of the content.

Some can produce works based on certain composers, while others use machine learning algorithms to generate original scores.

The initials of AIVA ( translate as "artificial intelligence virtual artist".

His service consists of

creating music tracks

on demand.

The software gives users tools to produce automatic music.

The melodies are generated taking into account the emotion, the genre, the time, the compass or the harmony that you want to give to the piece.

They can be composed from soundtracks of shorts or series, curtains or advertisements, instrumental atmospheres, even an opera.

All in a couple of clicks and without having notions of the chord progression.

The restrictions of the free version include up to 3 monthly downloads, the track may not exceed

3 minutes

and the rights of the songs correspond to AIVA.



Seek to empathize through chat.

Although many doubt that AI can achieve enough empathy to sustain a rational conversation, the field has made some key advances in recent years.

The best example is Replika (, a very fashionable app these days for Spanish speakers who want to

practice conversations

in English, the only language available.

Its structure combines a sophisticated neural network machine learning model and multi-scripted dialog content.

This software from the Kuyda firm allows you to create chatbots with the characteristics that you choose, so that the curious can socialize and interact with an AI that amazes with its sharpness.

Currently, it has more than

10 million registered users

who send about 100 million messages every week.

According to its developers, more than 85% of conversations make people feel better.

Chatting with Replika is free.

But if you want the AI ​​to become a romantic partner, confidant or advisor, you need to invest in a subscription.



Generate works of art in a few clicks.

The possibility of creating non-existent human faces with photographic quality ceased to be a curiosity.

Now, there are several AI models capable of

generating works of art

with a few simple directives.

MidJourney ( is a research lab and is also the name of its AI.

It is used to create

images from text

, which is known as Text to Image.

Unlike its competitors, it opts for canvases with well-structured figures, with high quality and resolutions of 1,792 by 1,024 pixels.

With a more realistic touch than the popular DALL-E 2 and more similar to Stable Diffusion.

In fact, a Midjourney work, unknown to the judges, won a painting contest.

Such is the dispute that the online community of artists asks that it be excluded from any contest.

This community is accessed

by invitation via Discord


From the organization itself they have expanded the quota and it is possible to sign up to access.

The address is



Global checker for multiple platforms and app.

The application ( through its advanced AI algorithms, helps reduce the time one spends reviewing and correcting large amounts of text.

It is much more than just a proofreader as, on any platform or text file, it performs spell checks on complex sentences, detects

style problems

and offers suggestions.

In addition, it is configured so that it understands what type of text it is correcting (an essay, an e-mail, a letter) in order to be able to give more accurate solutions to the type of language that is required.

Its algorithm is trained on millions of sentences and input from users and their typing experiences.

It has a team of 100 engineers, scientists and linguists specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The new GrammarlyGo feature provides feedback and context to rewrite a text based on tone: professional, confident, or friendly and length: short or long.

Plus, it can interpret the intent of an email, condense it into a single line, and propose response options based on the context of previous emails.

It will be available to Grammarly's

30 million users

through the browser extension and will roll out to 500,000 websites and desktop and mobile apps where it is available.



It allows you to create sites and applications without programming knowledge.

The purpose of the No Code movement is to generate applications and products without the interested party typing a

single line of code


The objective is to help startups to develop their ideas in a simple way.

Thanks to the pre-built code blocks, it is not necessary to hire a programmer.

This allows non-technical people to create AI systems for their businesses.

From an intuitive menu, this type of platform facilitates the assembly and implementation of applications for iOS or Android, websites or founding an

e-Commerce store


The leading


tool  is Webflow (

It is suitable for creating interactive websites that adapt to the size of each screen, without the need to write and debug large volumes of code.

In addition to the vast creative possibilities it provides and the amazing results it provides, its value lies in the generated code, which is perfectly recognized by all

search engines


You also don't need an external server, as it's Software as a Service (SaaS), which means it has both authoring and hosting functions.

However, it also provides the opportunity to host it on an external server.

Webflow offers a free plan that enables you to publish two websites under one subdomain name.

If you want your own domain name, you'll need to get a paid subscription.

The free plan does not expire or require a credit card.


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