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Zvika Pick, "Hatabah" and the spin-off of "Shtisel": Yes revealed the plans for the coming year - voila! culture


At a press conference, the television company presented the drama series and documentaries that are expected to air soon, including an IDF comedy by Eran Zarahovitch and a documentary about Ovadia Yosef

The series "Kugel", the spin-off of "Shtisel" (Photo: Ohad Romano)

Today (Tuesday) Yes company presented at a press conference its original productions for the coming year in the fields of drama, docu and children.

These include, among others, the spin-off series to Shtisel, which was first published in Vala!


Second season of the series "Hatabah", intriguing docu pieces about Inbal Perlmutter, Zvika Pick, Ovadia Yosef and Yehuda Poliker, and more.


the spin-off series of "Shtisel", which is also behind Yonatan Indursky, will deal with the stories of Nochaem and Libi (Shashon Gabai and Hadas Yaron) in the Jewish community in Antwerp, before the fateful meeting between them and Sholem and Kive.

Nocham is a jewelry and diamond merchant who knocks on community doors, enjoys his daughter's company and eating sweet and burnt kugel.

Libby hopes to get engaged soon like girls her age and a dream is forming in her heart which she is afraid to reveal, lest it destroy her chances of marriage.

This tiny family carries a fresh wound of being abandoned by a mother and wife, and each of them has a different way of coping.

While Noaham dreams of the return of his beautiful wife to his arms, ready to forgive and accommodate, Livy refuses to give her a place in her life.

Both of them together, imbued with love and faith, try to move forward in life and allow dreams to enter but realize that achieving happiness in one place will lead to sadness in another.

After the existence of the spin-off was revealed in Walla!

Culture in January, Sashon Gabai told us: "I'm very excited about it and happy about it. I hope it happens and soon. I heard that it's currently in advanced writing. In Israel and around the world everyone asks me about another season of 'Stisel', I would be happy if there was another season. It really is Such a beautiful example of a work that speaks to everyone. Dvla Glickman told me that he meets people in France who watch the series, and I meet people who watched it from the United States and South America. Even people who are not Jewish. Arabs from Beirut watch it. This is a series that speaks to a certain social segment , which speaks to all human beings. So I would be happy if there was another season of 'Stisel'. And I would be happy if the planned spin-off happened."

Night treatment

An original drama written by Raanan Caspi and directed by Gabriel Biblivitch.

Louis Mansour (Yosef Svid) is a clinical psychologist whose wife committed suicide, and is raising his two children alone.

After another sleepless night and another absence of the child from school, Louie decides to take care of the night.

At this time his beloved and pregnant sister, Mira (Lucy Ayoub) leaves behind her life in Nazareth and comes to look after her nephews and give them warmth and stability while trying to figure out how to continue from here.

Just as the day and the night mix more and more into each other, so does Louie's treatment of a multitude of characters who live Tel Aviv at night, projecting and reflecting his life.

The series marks Swed's return to stardom in the Israeli industry, after about five long years in which he did not act in an Israeli series - the last one was "Doubles" by Keshet.

Svid lives in Berlin, Germany with his partner Adi Shilon, and while in the middle of this decade, the talented and respected actor from the Israeli industry is missing, he participated in international series.

In response to the question, voila!

As for why he didn't play in series in Israel for so long, Svid said: "Why didn't it happen? I believe it's the distance. Casts say, 'Well, he's far away, why don't we invite him now?'. I still come here sometimes for auditions for all kinds of roles which I almost got. I also refuse all kinds of roles. I don't have the strength for 'Arab' roles again. There aren't that many roles like that, and when there are - they're not really that exciting roles. I'm tired of it, I'm trying to change the range. So also It doesn't suit me sometimes."

"It's true, I play a Christian Arab in this series, but it's not so personal in the series. There isn't so much the national thing. That's what's beautiful, and that's why I do it. I was attracted to the role, which is not necessarily related to Arabness. It's quite rare. I think that a kind of openness is needed, not so great, to understand that we are talking about people. When you are asked about your identity, then there is nothing to do, we are in the area that is the first thing that comes up. They will ask me: How do you identify with this? I play a psychologist, a father, a man in crisis The age of forty"

for the full interview with Yosef Svid - click here

Yosef Svid in the yes series "Night Care" (Photo: yes)



An IDF comedy based on the life of Eran Zahrovich, which he created together with Ilan Sheffler.

Ofer Zissou (Eran Zarahovich) is the major of a patrol of the General Staff.

Rani, his son, is a somewhat failed and insecure soldier who, after causing an accident, ends up being the cruiser's checkmate in the exact same place. Shana), terrified by the thought that his son will start walking around the base. It doesn't help the embarrassment he feels from his tender boy in front of the fighting men who surround him and are ready to die for the homeland. On the other hand, Rani actually blossoms where he least expected it, and slowly begins to discover "signs of masculinity "First. Now that they are together, they will have no choice but to get along - or make one of them fly away.

Zarehovitz, how does it feel to return to Shekim, for a period that was below expectations?

"Totally. I'm coming back in a big way, because I can't now play the role of the schemist of a General Staff patrol, because I'm 48 years old, but I will play the father of the schemist, a major who is responsible for the officers in the General Staff patrol. This is a series about the patrol's working class."

How well do you still relive the memories of your days in regular service?

Or does it feel like something that happened several good incarnations ago?

"This period still burns in me. Listen, we've been working on this series for three years now, and I discovered how much it still goes with me. I remember things really well. I remember the feeling of what it's like to be an 18-year-old boy, who is sold as a prostitute next to all the heroic and handsome fighters , and I remember myself in front of the girls, and I remember what it did to my self-image. I still remember it completely."

To what extent does the crazy reality in the country challenge you in "Great Country"?

If it was hard before,

"It's very hard. We work overtime on the overtime. We run really fast, it gets harder and harder. On the other hand, it's also a challenge. And challenges are good. It's hard, but that's what we're there for."

is gone

A detective series tracing the last days of a young girl, created by Yishai Oren and Yair Sagi.

In the exact week that Avner is released from the army, Noya, his 17-year-old daughter, is killed in a car accident.

Glass, a combat brigadier general in armor and a decorated warrior, suddenly finds himself sad and helpless at home and the plans he made for the days after his retirement from the IDF turned into a horrible reality.

He devotes all his time to reconstructing the night of the accident.

Her smartphone opens a window into her world for him and he discovers that Noya actually led a double life, different from what he described.

He reaches out to Daria (Noa Kirel), her best friend he never met, and together they set out to trace Noa's last days.

In the background, more young people die in unexplained circumstances, and their investigation intersects with that of a young and ambitious policeman, who realizes that there is a connection between all the deaths.

Noa Kirel, how does it feel to play a leading role in a drama for adults for the first time?

"Very exciting and challenging. It's something I like to do, to challenge myself with different contents, I really like to act, it's an integral part of my career alongside music of course. It's fun to touch such areas, especially at Yes, which is my home."

And how is the interdisciplinary studies?

What courses interest you there?

"That's right, I started coming there as a free listener, to enrich my knowledge, and to have an experience. There are a lot of courses there that interest me, right now I'm focusing on Eurovision and the series."


A drama series inspired by Odelia Carmon's book "The Secret Woman" about the Moshe Katsaf case, created by Avraham Shalom Levy, Tamar Marom and Moish Goldberg, with Carmon signed on as a co-creator.

Six different points of view tell the story of a president who becomes embroiled in a sexual assault case.

His wrong decisions to give up the plea deal and not confess to his crimes, along with brave testimonies of the women who were attacked, lead to his conviction for rape and to years in prison.

Starring Yaakov Zeda-Daniel, Avraham Levy Shalom, Dana Meinert, Irit Natan Bendak, Nelly Mira Rubin, Zohar Strauss, Lena Fairfeld, Sharon Alexander, Pini Kidron, Shosha Goren and Hila Sargon.

The cook 2

The hit series of Erez Ko-El and Orit Davosh returns for a second season.

Two years have passed.

Dori (Gal Toran) is a star, who does television shows with high ratings but no longer prepares food.

On one of his night rounds, he meets Nimrod (Guri Alfie) on the hot strip of a strong and good restaurant.

Nimrod is happy to see him, yet when Dory cuts away Nimrod is left a little shaken with an aftertaste.

The meeting reawakens this relationship: Dory, who is trying to shake off a family crisis that has befallen him, tries to drag Nimrod along with him on a megalomaniacal adventure that will bring him back to business and redefine the experience of eating in a restaurant.

Nimrod as far as he is concerned, waiting for the moment when he can prove his worth.

Mia (Dana Frieder), a 37-year-old entrepreneur and daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the economy, who thought she was coming for pleasure but stayed for business, enters in style into the hustle and bustle.

Except it comes with a family package deal that didn't work out so well for my generation.

Other participants: Yael Elkana, Keren Berger, Omer Etzion, Shalmor Straussman and Dana Adini.

Berlin Blues

A new series by Dana Idisis, the acclaimed creator of "On the Spectrum", and the musician Itamar Rothschild.

Yona (Rothschild) an oboe player, and his wife Talia (Shira Noor), a successful writer in her early career, move to Berlin together with their daughter Rani, "just for a year" to start a new, more comfortable life.

Soon life in Berlin reveals the differences between them.

Yona flourishes and feels at home in the Berlin orchestra to which he was accepted, while Talia sinks into longing and lack of belonging, finds it difficult to sit down and write as is expected of her.

The group of self-confident Israelis, who have already established a community there, only pressurizes what they left behind even more.

Tzuri (Tamir Bar), a childhood friend from the kibbutz, bursts into their lives uninvited and succeeds in disrupting the 'togetherness' they are trying to build.

And when there is a war in Israel, and in Berlin it seems that things are finally starting to work out - Grandma (Laura Rivlin) comes to visit, confronts them with the history that lurks in every corner and refuses to surrender to the place and let go.

Other participants: Uri Komai, Eliana Bekier, Assaf Harel,

Idan Katzir, Miki Triest, Avishai Milstein, Knut Berger and more.

Director: Ram Nahari.

Anna Zak in the yes series "Fly on Anna" (photo: yes)


Fly on Anna

a new musical drama for children starring Anna Zak.

Anna Solinsky (Zek), a middle school student from Ashkelon and a waitress at "Fish on the Roof", becomes an overnight sensation after Ariana Grande shares her TikTok video.

Anna receives an offer to become an international star, including a shiny new life overseas.

Everything sounds mosh except for one detail - if she doesn't lead the poor school choir to victory in the city choir ceremony - her genius scientist sister, Alex, will lose her prestigious scholarship.

Anna is forced to perform a series of complicated maneuvers to make everyone's dreams come true, while along the way she also deals with matters of the heart and a mysterious underwater mystery.

With the participation of: Or Ben Melech, Ilai Chapman, Shahar Tabuch, Avitar Ozari, Nicole Podbani, Mika Segal, Ravid Ronan and Michael Ben David.

Creators and screenwriters: Raz Yovan and Roi Idan.

Directors: Mitar Parhat and Iti Moorg.

Anna Zak said to Walla!

Tarbut on her series: "I'm really, really excited about it, this series is a very big thing and it's a huge honor that they chose to tell my story in the series. It really, really excites me and I'm waiting for it to come out."

Which series of yes will catch more this year, your series or the series starring the competitor Noa Kirel?

"You don't know! You don't know! But I don't think it's a competition. Every series is amazing, and every series has its own story, and it's different" the

security guard

Tamar Chapni (Tom Yaer), known as "Gozel", is a failed security guard from a family of poisoned security guards.

Her luck is about to change when she is sent to be the personal bodyguard of 13-year-old Kesem, the rebellious son of Ramat Tikva's threatened new mayor.

In her unique and crooked way, she has to bring him safely to the end of the school year, thus paving her way back to the family security company.

A relationship of love and hate, laughter and anger, and most of all embarrassment is woven between magic and chick.

And when they reach the end of the year, Gozal will discover that the hardest part of her whole task is saying goodbye to the small and unbearable production that somehow she loves so much.

Creators: Shahar Evender, Inbal Arbel and Avi Belkin.

Eran Zarhowitz in the "Metalists" series of yes (photo: yes)


"Days of Pick"

A year and a half ago, work began on a documentary project on the life of the musician Zvika Pick.

Then last August, in the middle of the filming in which he took an active part - he passed away.

The creator Shay Lahav, in collaboration with the director Ron Omer, present in the fascinating production of Erez Ben Harosh the stories - professional and personal - of a pop artist, who paved the way for many after him.

A very lonely man, who even when his career crashed, never gave up, despite the heavy prices paid by everyone around him.

With the participation of: Tsadi Sarfati, Shai Kerem, Kobi Oz, Yoav Kutner, Roni Brown, Eldad Sharim and more.

"King of the Spaniards"

To mark the tenth anniversary of his death, a portrait of the revered Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, winner of the Israel Prize, will be broadcast, in which director Ofer Panhasov ("My Beloved Helpers: Ringing Bells") will bring exclusive revelations - personal and political, as well as a rare archive that will be revealed for the first time.

This is the story of a pioneering man, who went through many upheavals in his life - public and personal;

A revolutionary who gave a voice to many who felt their voice was not heard, but at the same time was a pragmatic and moderate person.

And so was his Judaism.

With participation: Adina Bar-Shalom, Rabbi Avraham Yosef, Rabbi David Yosef, Rabbi Rivka Chikotai, Yehudit Yosef, Aryeh Deri, Rino Tzaror, Nitzan Chen and more.

"Policker: The Child in Me"

The son of Holocaust survivors from Thessaloniki, who came to Kiryat Chaim after that war - was supposed to continue his father's path as a bookkeeper.

But his falling in love with the guitar changed not only his own life, but also the history of Israeli music.

Eti Ante-Segav, the daughter of immigrants from Romania who arrived in the 1950s, was also connected to Israeli culture, and made her way until she became a legendary producer and editor.

While serving as an executive at CBS Records in the 1980s, she first met a young artist who captured her heart.

Today, when he is in his 70s, and she is a decade younger than him, they meet for a series of intimate conversations.

Directed by: Tzipi Bayder and Viniv Amodai.

"Inbal Perlmutter: If it's over"

25 years after she died in a car accident at the age of 26, directors Sharon Luzon and Abigail Sperber tell the life story of the musician and leader of the band Witches in a contemporary perspective, and delve deeper into the conflicted but sober, creative but destructive psyche of this iconic figure.

They do this while revealing for the first time her shocking personal diaries, rare pieces of music and archives from all periods, and intimate meetings with those who were closest to her.

Some didn't always know about the power of the dark beast behind the good fairy.

With the participation of: Korin Alel, Assaf Amdorsky, Yoav Kutner, Tinkerbell, Ram Orion, Yifat Natz, Yael Cohen, Shrek DeMaio, and more.

The yes series "The Cook" (Photo: Eitan Burnett)

A reality show

Periphery Empire 2

Following the success of the first season of the show created by Orna Ben Dor, the heroines at the center of it become celebrities and role models.

The second season begins with each of them at a dramatic turning point in their lives.

Naama Marioma gets a divorce and becomes a financially independent woman.

Ortel Benisti is required to appear in public as an opinionated and social woman who is frightened by the power of the class.

At the Manshrov family home, the daughters of the family, Kim and Cindy, decide to leave the nest, breaking the heart of Dalia, who tries to postpone the separation.

Whereas Oria Ezran decides to embark on a journey in search of identity and roots that will guide her professional and creative development.

These six powerful women tell a comedic and emotional success story against all odds.

The boozegloss 8

The successful docu-reality about the football family returns for another season.

At the age of 66, Yaakov does not rest and decides to add a new profession to his resume.

After being a footballer, a football agent, and an art agent, today he is also a matchmaker.

Miren starts to get stronger and get closer to religion more and more.

Maor, on the other hand, who became a DJ, is not really close to the subject and this creates conflicts between the two.

Essi experiences a major crisis upon reaching the age of 40. Adi finds refuge in her new addiction, sports, and dreams of running a marathon.

Natalia fulfills her dream, opens a fitness studio and becomes a full-time career woman.

The roles between her and Almog were completely reversed, and today Natalia is the one who works endlessly, while Almog is the main raiser of the children.

A fan reveals sides we haven't seen this season, when suddenly he is a man in love who is after a girl who stormed into his life.

Directed by: Gali Mayo.

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