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Couples-couples everywhere: precisely when everything is falling apart, luckily the musicians come together - voila! culture


The wave of duets: Margie and Anna Zak with the hit we needed, Giraffes and Neta Barzilai save the party, Ilan Peled and Barry Sakharof are perfect and only from Tuna and Adi Ullmansky we expected more

Margi performs "Sucks to know you (FU)" in a live concert at Walla Studio!, August 21, 2022 (lyrics and music: Yonatan Margi, Yuval Mein, Itai Shimoni, Jordan Pelag and Eitan Pelag; production: Shay Verker, Hagit Barak and May Steinfeld; director : Nitai Barry; Sound: Ilan Levy, Itai Harubi; Management of the show: Healy Shani; Lighting: Yossi Adiges)

The streets are burning.

The Knesset is stormy.

The national symbols are no longer in consensus.

Unity with Israel is not in danger - it has been dying for a long time.

And from the scorched earth pairs of Israeli artists rise, and succeed in uniting - and the reference is not to the "musicians' petition".

From Mana Zak to Tuna: in the last few weeks, he has had a wave of intriguing duets, which make us a real school of collaboration.

Whether it's good, surprising or streaky - it sure is better than nothing.

The natural and the good: Margie and Anna Zak - "Indian"

In recent years, in the shadow of the growing global depression, a subgenre has emerged that cannot be ignored, and it is called "TikTok songs", those that are predestined to explode on the popular application.

Their most distinct characteristic: a potentially viral part of 15-30 seconds, which can usually be used as a response to a relatively wide variety of situations.

And in this field, Anna Zak became a master.

She managed to turn her phone number into an earworm, and the call "Come see what you missed" already appears in over tens of thousands of videos.

Margie, on the other hand, tries to reach other limits.

In recent years he has been in pursuit of the status of a "real artist" and to break the boundaries of the "youth star".

His break in English, androgynous style and angry lyrics manage to position him as more than a children's musician.

The duet between them could have easily become just a finger in the eye of Noa Kirel, the ex and the rival.

And indeed, it is impossible not to compare it to "Ambulance", the relatively obscure hit of Kirel and Margie in the Billie Eilish vibe.

"Indian" is the exact opposite - and how lucky it is.

Anna Zak and Margie present a collaboration that comes as naturally as there is, and create a light pop song with Eitzy influences and cute lyrics, which is just pure fun with a chorus that sticks in the head, and above all raises the question - how did this not happen until now?

In the stressful and tiring period of the last few months, when we all feel a bit like Mercury is in perpetual retrograde, "Indian" is exactly what we needed - a classic Tik Tok hit to lift us up.

We should not expect Zeke and Margi to bring a serious and heavy song according to the period.

On the contrary: they did exactly what they are good at, and without even getting into unnecessary and boring gossip corners.


The surprising and perfect: Berry Sakharof and Ilan Peled - "And what remains"

Over the years, there were several Israeli artists who chose to use the figure.

Some did this to hide behind someone else - Nono, for example, testifies to herself that as Naomi Aharoni Gal she has less self-confidence;

Some artistic or humorous considerations, such as Rotem Shafi, also known as Pita (who also hid inside a figure of oats, for those who managed to forget).

But the most mysterious of all is Ilan Peled.

He turned Miri Pascal, the Limona teacher and the Danish wedding singer into iconic figures, created the gay anthem "Trilly Trella" and coined some unforgettable phrases, and all this without being interviewed, without PR stunts and without exposing himself too much to the public.

In the last year Peled chose a different direction for the first time.

He began to release under his real name songs he wrote, and releases them independently.

After more than 20 years in the public eye, he agrees to peel back the image for the first time and show who Ilan Peled really is.

And if that is not surprising enough, now he is collaborating with one of the most humane, authentic and beloved creators in Israel - Berry Sakharof.

This composition, which was initially received with raised eyebrows, gave birth to "And what remains", a touching and not self-explanatory song, the words of which Ilan wrote himself, which continues the journey of removing the outer and stinging shell and reveals a great truth and a huge heart.

"And what's left" is a perfect collaboration between two talented musicians who came together for a simple purpose, to make good music.

It's not a commercial pop song, and it probably won't star in the pride parades, but it's a song full of longing, a call for help from a greater power, and its lyrics float over the guitars and rhythm that characterize Sakharuf.

Peled has always been brave, but this is probably the bravest thing he has done, and this cooperation only flatters him and raises his truth high-high.

The dancer: Giraffes, Neta Barzilai and DEGO - "Bad Party"

Giraffe people are one of the coolest creators in Israel, and Neta Barzilai is also a member of this list.

In both cases, these are creative and intriguing forces, who like to explore the limits of their creativity and experiment with new tools, different styles and diverse collaborations, and this time they - and the producer DEGO (Oren Emanuel) - came together to create together "Party Reah".

More in Walla!

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And the result?

For the information of Simcha Rothman and Bezalel Smotrich: This is what a good compromise looks like.

No need to "soften up": Kahana's vocals and Barzilai's eccentricity, when both are extreme, together create a fun dance song that gives a taste for more.

"For a bad reason" is a collaboration that preserves and flatters both parties, and brings out the best in them.

Forgive me for the provocation, but it might even be Netta's best song to date.

Neta sings about a bad party, the kind we've all been to in the past - feeling foreign, growing up too early, feeling almost trapped in your own body.

And when you're at a bad party, there are two options: go home, or stay and take comfort in such and such second thoughts.

Here they chose a third option: dance.

Readers may know what it's like to enter the women's bathroom at a party and meet the drunk girl who instantly becomes your best friend.

This is exactly the role of Neta and giraffes in this bad party, and what fun it is to dance with them.

And the striped one: Tuna and Adi Olmansky - "Body"

On Taylor Swift's critically acclaimed latest album, she has secured a collaboration with another beloved pop star, Lena Del Rey.

But as much as the expectation as much as the disappointment - Lena Del Rey was pushed almost behind the scenes and contributes to the song "Snow on the Beach" with barely background vocals.

Tuna was clearly inspired.

"Body" is not the first collaboration between Tuna and Olmansky, two extremely talented artists in their own right.

In the album "Tuna Park" released in 2017, they declared together that "it's all in the team";

And in the song "Photoshop" released in 2020 on Olmansky's "2 am" album, they express hope to continue to succeed in music, against the critics of the haters.

But the years have passed since then, and Tuna has become a superstar and an Israeli music icon.

Only in the last few days he, together with Ravid Plotnik, together sold thousands of tickets in one day for their joint performances, and even if another show opens, the tickets for it will probably run out easily.

Olmansky, one of the original figures in Israeli music in the last decade,

"Body" is a classic tuna song, and it always works for him.

His flow is excellent, the words are smart, and he returns again to the spaceship motif that accompanies him throughout his work.

It's really, really a fun song, which continues the line of his last excellent album, "Wild East".

In one of the opening lines of the song he declares: "I have a back".

He is right.

He has the back of his tens of thousands of fans who support him, and he earned that back honestly.

But does he provide this back to his singing partner as well?

Instead of lifting the collaboration, as she knows how to do in the best possible way, Adi Olmansky joins Tuna in background vocals in the chorus only, and again remains on the sidelines.

And unlike the two's previous collaborations, this time it's a big miss.

"Body" could have been a huge song that combines the strengths of these two great artists, but Olmansky compromised a little too much, and it's a shame.

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