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The new Nissan Xtrail in the test: the achievement and the challenge of Nissan - voila! vehicle


The new generation of Nissan X-Trail also comes in a unique hybrid version. A gasoline engine that is used as a generator only to operate an electric motor that is used for propulsion. What does that do to the price?

Nissan X-Trail, rowing up in brand status (Photo: Yoav Falls)

Price: NIS 199-275 thousand

We liked:

comfort, driving experience, fuel consumption

We didn't like:

6+7 seats, price in the expensive versions



The new Xtrail that was introduced in Israel about a month and a half ago, is the fourth generation of Nissan's popular model, which First launched in 2001, and by the end of production of the third generation, almost seven million Xtrails had been sold worldwide.

The fourth generation is no longer a face lift but a completely new model, designed, spacious, with uniqueness in the form of three forms of drive, a variety of trim levels and equipment, most of them with seven seats.

However, unlike the previous generation, here it shares a platform with the Mitsubishi Outlander, and uses three drive units - a mild hybrid, and two hybrids in which the engines are used as generators to charge the batteries and the drive itself is electric.

The first for the front wheels and the second with two engines and dual drive, the names are blown up - e-4orce and e-POWER respectively.

Important, intriguing and yes, also more expensive than before.

How is it actually on the road?

A deep and large grill with narrow lighting units on its sides, the new look of the X-Trail (Photo: Yoav Foles)


Handsome, and presents a nice evolution to the previous Xtrail.

A deep trapezoidal grill with a Nissan logo in the center, two narrow lighting units on its sides.

Black plastic covers for the wheel houses and the bottom of the chassis for a 'tall' look.

X-TRAIL lettering in the center of the rear door below the Nissan logo, and e-4orce and e-POWER symbols at the bottom.

The result is quite modern and handsome, even if not groundbreaking.

It is also true to add, usually when 'sister' cars share platforms you can see similar design lines.

Here it is difficult to find similarities to Outlander.

Passenger compartment:

the interior of the vehicle also looks good.

Here in the most senior version with bright leather upholstery (vegan, no animals were harmed during production).

In the second row, the space is respected when the middle seat moves on a rail in order to adjust the space for the people sitting in the back row seats.

There, in seats 6-7, which are often the reason for choosing cars such as the Xtrail, is already quite crowded, like the competitors.

In order to allow the children (or mother-in-law) to sit in the back, the middle seats must be moved forward.

It is also important to note that the middle row of seats is split 1+2 so that you can 'play' with the space for full adjustment if you don't have to have the two rear seats open.

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A digital dashboard that centralizes all driving information and next to it a 12-inch screen for multimedia (Photo: Yoav Foles)

Driver's environment:

in front of the driver is a 12.3-inch dashboard with a selection of menus for various detailed information.

In the center of the dashboard is a 12-inch multimedia monitor, with connectivity to Android Auto (with cable) and wireless Apple CarPlay.

Switch console to control the air conditioning system and a 'watch' console with a designed gear 'stick'.

You will also find a driving mode selector dial for economy, snow, sport, etc., and a large luggage compartment between the electric front seats.


a long and respectable list, but it depends on the model and level of finish.

The Xtrail has four trim levels - the simplest Vision, Asante Top, Asante Tech, and Techna.

The test vehicle, which is the top of the range and with a technical finish level, is equipped with everything.

Electric front seats with memories, overhead display, Bose audio system, 360 camera, opening panoramic roof, electric trunk opening and much more.

The second row of seats moves on a rail (Photo: Yoav Falls)


To the credit of Nissan and the importer Frisby (formerly Carso), it should be noted that the Xtrail comes with a comprehensive safety system.

All models, in all forms of drive and in all levels of finish receive a safety equipment score of 7 out of 8 in the specifications of the Ministry of Transportation.

The Xtrail tested by the European safety organization Euroencap, back in 2021, then received five well-deserved safety stars.


folding the two rows of rear seats yields a decent cargo volume of almost 1,300 liters, with seats 6+7 folded a volume of 485 liters is obtained, and with two rear seats open a very modest 120 liters.

Only 120 liters per load when all seven seats are in use.

Prepare a roof (Photo: Yoav Falls)

Engine and performance:

The drive configuration of the Xtrail models is unique.

The entry-level versions come with a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine with a volume of 163 hp, 30.6 kg with a mild hybrid system, and front-wheel drive through a continuous transmission.

Above them are the e-Power versions.

Here a gasoline engine is integrated that serves only as a generator that charges a battery with a rather modest capacity of 1.73 kWh. The battery is paired with an electric motor that drives only the front wheels. The engine delivers 204 hp and 33.6 kg

. Using the same configuration of a small battery, only here it supplies energy to two electric motors, one drives the front wheels and one the rear. The combined power is 213 hp, and 33.6 kg. These models are called in Nissan e-4orce (with game Words like the analogy between the words "four" and "force" in English).

The performance is good with acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 180 km/h.

(8 seconds and 170 km/h in e-Power, 9.6 seconds and 200 km/h in light hybrid gasoline turbo).

The feeling of driving here fails to completely simulate the experience of electric driving and the gasoline engine is heard and felt when it comes into action.

Seats 6-7 are not spacious enough to seat more than a very small child (Photo: Yoav Falls)

Fuel consumption:

The total fuel consumption on the test days was about 15.5 km per liter. In an administrative drive and without any effort to save, the Xtrail managed to go over 17 km per liter in combined traffic jams, and I suppose that conscious economical driving would have been able to squeeze out a better result.

Either way, this is very good consumption for a large, hybrid vehicle.

Comfort and behavior:

the Xtrail is comfortable.

Very comfortable.

The straps are relatively soft, but not too soft.

Road disturbances are swallowed up under the wheels of the big Nissan with impressive ease.

It also manages to avoid large roll angles under cornering load.

It does not completely increase the weight that comes with visiting the rounds, but the level of grip is very good.

I must point out that with a full stop, another small and unexpected sway is received from the front shock absorbers.

If I didn't write about it you wouldn't feel it.

Now that I have written, you will not be able to ignore it.

By the way, the e-pedal button increases the regenerative braking and allows you to switch to driving with one pedal, but not completely.

Will compete with tools of its size at the price of those above it (Photo: Yoav Falls)

The bottom line

The Xtrail is an excellent vehicle.

It's just that the test version we received costs NIS 275,000, the price actually puts it in a tough competition against the alternatives, and it's not sure that it's its place to begin with.

If we compare it to the alternatives of other seven-seat vehicles at its price, it will have to convince you that it is better than the Kia Sorento Hybrid, which is larger than it in terms of dimensions and will offer better space.

On the other hand, at its price and in front of five-seater vehicles, it will find itself in this version in tough competition with other competitors, including fine cars, even "real" electric ones like the Tesla Model Y, Hyundai Ioniq 5, plug-in hybrids like the WEY COFFEE 01 and regular hybrids like the Nissan Qashqai - They are all cheaper than him by one margin or another.

However, despite the evaluation and the innovative and interesting drive unit, I find the cheaper models with the simpler drive systems to provide better value for the price.

The same name, but completely new intentions (Photo: Yoav Falls)

On the technical side: Nissan Xtrail e-4orce "Tekana"

Engine, drive:

gasoline, 3 cylinders, electric, double


1,497 cc




reduction box, single gear


Length (meters):


Width (meters):


Height (meters ):


Wheelbase (m):


Trunk (liters):

120 (using all seats)

Performance (manufacturer):

0-100 km/h:

7.2 seconds

Maximum speed:

180 km/h

Fuel consumption (manufacturer):

15.1 km per liter

Fuel consumption (test):

15.5 km per liter


European crash test score:

5 out of 5 stars

Active safety:

Emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure correction, warning of a vehicle in a "dead zone" including correction, rear cross traffic warning, traffic sign recognition

Air pollution:

rating 9 out of 15


three years or 100 thousand km


Skoda Kodiak, Mitsubishi Outlander, Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

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