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"She can't stand you": the behind-the-scenes banter between Gal and Elit - voila! culture


The remaining survivors try to grab the last tickets to the finals in final intrigues, and say goodbye to the island with dreary monologues. And apparently there is already a leading candidate to take the entire jackpot

Just before the final.

Survival (photo: screenshot, network 13)

After Casey is eliminated, and the swaying Dew somehow wins the float task, he gets the first ticket to the finals and eight kilos for Wacker.

One by one the remaining survivors sneak into his office, to convince him to give them the advantage for the mission where the winner will get a second ticket to the finals, even though everyone knows he will give it to Gal.

Not necessarily because he wants it so much, but because he knows that if he doesn't give it to her, she will eat his head in one bite, until the end of his days on earth.

First came Aviran, who for several episodes now I've been eagerly waiting for his move against Gal and Tal - a move that doesn't come, and it's probably too late for him - I thought he would attach Sahar Valit to him to throw one of them away, but he continues in the same line, or as he says "Line Status".

Since he hates Gal and Tal, he is mostly very nice to them, and is just busy convincing them that he loves them and God forbid he doesn't rebel against the leadership.

"Give the advantage to Gal", he says, "Just promise me that you will vote to oust Alit" - this is how Aviran tries to survive the last day of the game without making too many waves.

At the same time, he makes sure to warm Gal to Alit: "She can't stand you, she knows you are behind the move on her", he grinds her brain, and Gal reacts in a really disappointing way.

How long will you survive: the Philippines (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

I expected Magal, who carries the flag of the one who does not "pretend" and always tells the truth, to at least say: "I really led a move on her, it is legitimate for her to feel bad."

Instead, she bursts out with these stupid squeals, the last rant of the kings of the beauty queens that she goes against and announces that "women never cheer me up".

Soul, she doesn't favor you not because she is a woman, but because you didn't favor her either and kicked her out of the game.

Like, decide - either women should be nice to each other even if they are dogs to each other, or you will learn to fight with each other without whining about unfairness.

Tired of this opportunism.

Aviran, who turns out to be a master of manipulation, agrees with her of course, and tells her everything she most needs to hear.

By the way, the survival style of a knight is the most basic form of survival - finding favor in the eyes of the powerful so that they will protect him.

It's very evolutionary on his part, because that's how babies and puppies survive - why are they so cute with huge eyes and a sweet little mouth?

Because their cuteness should make those around them feel the need to protect them.

Although Aviran is more of a beaten coyote at this stage of the game, he knows very well the art of bullshit.

It's a shame he didn't remember to do it sooner instead of being "moral" - meaning a coward who preferred to hide behind Natasha's righteous apron and solve childhood issues.

The second to enter is Sahar, another so-called "value" survivor.

He asks Tal to give the advantage to Gal "so you don't get hurt", assuring him that he can reduce the physical differences between them.

This is where I started to get confused.

After all, Sahar does not stop talking about Alit, who before one expulsion registered her name on the collective kick home.

At first it was Sapir, then Maya, and now it's Elit - in general, it seems as if Sahar simply lacks the ability to live his life for himself, and he must have some "higher goal" that would justify the achievement and lack of compassion that victory in survival requires.

Now he will do "everything" so that Shalit sits with him in the final.

It's fine, but I didn't understand exactly how to ask Tal to give the advantage to Gal, promoting Alit to the final.

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Soon it will be over.

Survival (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

When Alit sits with Tal, she doesn't ask for the advantage directly, obviously because she knows there's no chance she'll get it, but she tells him in her pseudo-motherly way that he shouldn't have Gal sit with him in the final because their votes will be divided between them, and Gal will get a lot of votes, because she's the audience's favorite - Eloquent, intelligent, beautiful, etc.

Personally, I think that Gal should take this season, but unfortunately, usually the "audience favorites" are men who have won many tasks and made sure that the real dirty work is taken over by someone else, usually a female.

So instead of Tal, I wasn't too worried, what's more, as Maya Kay's partner, who is a real crowd favorite, he's guaranteed the support of her fans.

Then Gal arrives, and apparently the directness she lost in the conversation with Aviran, returned to her very quickly, and simply tells him: "I want the advantage".

Maybe I'm wrong (I'm not) but at this moment her tone evokes a glimmer of antagonism in Tal, which I think he's not really willing to give her.

He kind of tries to talk to her heart, and tells her that they should think carefully about who will sit with them in the finals, because she will be protected from elimination in any case.

Gal does not give up.

All the proofs that she is the most important person for Tal were not enough for her, including the fact that he dumped his new partner and endangered their relationship a moment ago, and she says again without getting confused - "I still want him".

Gal wants - Gal receives.


Surviving the Philippines (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

I will skip the superlatives of the last sunrise on the island, the last post office on the island, the excessive excitement from the cameras, and the boring monologues that each in turn recited in a video selfie.

There was only one moment worth noting in this whole quarter of an hour, and that is the moment when Tal introduces Gal to the imaginary viewers of "Filipino Connections": "I can introduce you here to my girlfriend Gal" and kisses her on the nose.

All that went through my mind at that moment was the fact that this excessive intimacy with Gal was revealed to the eyes of the ousted Maya, and that there was not even a hint of longing for her in Tal's satisfied face.

A second after she's eliminated, he acts like she was never in the game.

Sahar missed Sapir Kashi longer.

Aviran missed Natasha longer.

There is something cold in his demeanor that annoys me, as a woman, and no, his perfect body is not enough to compensate for a lack of character.

The last task in the game for the second ticket to the finals is won by Sahar, who, despite his statement that he will do anything for Salit to sit next to him in the finals, shakes her off when she sticks to his tail in the task, as if she were toilet paper that stuck to his shoe when leaving a gas station restroom.

Sahar wins the task by a very small margin, even though Gal got a pretty big advantage - and waves the flag announcing him as the second survivor in the final.

The happy embrace of Tal and Sehar says it all.

Tal may be sorry to Gal for losing, but much less than he should have been upset about losing his girlfriend (kiss on the nose).

That's it, it's final.

Aviran went through an entire season of survival without taking a single mission, and now he only has the final fight between him and Elit for the grand final, assuming no one will be brave enough to make a move on Gal.

Their excuse for kicking Alith will probably be that she is more liked by the jurors, which is not necessarily true.

Also, a final that will include Tal, Sahar, Vegal, and Alit and Aviran together, will probably sail in the direction of Sahar - the perfect combination that the high-spirited Israeli boy who also did tasks, also made an impressive army, and most importantly - made sure throughout the season to cry for all the right reasons.

See you in the final.

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