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Before you go looking for a job: this is how you will build the perfect LinkedIn profile - voila! technology


To lead in today's business world, you should cultivate your profile in the world's largest social-business network. Here are 5 tips that you simply must implement

The wider your network of connections on LinkedIn, the more your exposure will increase (Photo: ShutterStock)

There is no doubt that the LinkedIn social network has become the new business marketplace.

Today it is the place for business networking, which allows participants to keep up to date professionally, to create new collaborations and connections with other people, and of course to brand themselves as a professional authority.

The more connections the user has, the deeper his knowledge in the field will be, and the path to finding solutions to professional questions will decrease, the work will be of higher quality and the TTM will be shorter.

Here are some data that prove my words: LinkedIn currently has about 800 million members, of which almost 45% are active on the network on a monthly basis.

So how do you generate strong engagement on LinkedIn?

First of all, you create a professional profile, and then you start uploading content to it consistently.

Here are some more tips that will help you reach the perfect profile:

A young man works in front of a computer in the office (Photo: ShutterStock)

A young woman works in front of a computer in the office (Photo: ShutterStock)

1. Increase the amount of connections

The wider your network of connections on LinkedIn, the more your exposure will increase.

It is important to add everyone you know.

Beyond that, add people from fields similar to yours - this will increase your exposure to interesting content, and help in getting to know other people from your field.

Sometimes, these can be people in key positions, who will open a door for you in the future.

2. Upload a professional profile picture

Before you start expanding your network of contacts, make sure you have a professional and respectable profile picture.

In my understanding, when a contact request is sent from a profile without a photo, it looks unprofessional.

The photofeeler website will be able to help you with this task: upload your photo there, write whether it is intended for business or social needs, and it will open it for other people's feedback.

They will decide, without knowing you, how much your image conveys abilities, influence, popularity and other indicators.

3. Do not neglect the background image

The background image (the one that appears as a banner above the profile image) is internet real estate that can be used to highlight your expertise. The image can be a conference you attended, the logo of the organization you work for, etc. LinkedIn profiles with a photo receive 21 times more exposure and 36 times more messages than Those who do not have a picture, remember this.

The more professional or personal content you upload consistently and over time, the more people will get to know you (Photo: ShutterStock)

4. Choose the right words to describe yourself

apart from the graphic and visual elements, there are two fields to be filled with text in your profile, which are no less critical: the title and the summary about you.

When you draft the text there, try to emphasize as much as possible your unique value, explain to the audience who you are, and what you can give to the organization you work for or in general.

It is important that your profile displays exact keywords regarding your role: what exactly do you do at work, and what is your specialty?

With the right wording, you will appear higher in the search results of your field of activity, and you will open yourself to new connections and collaborations.

These are additional points that should be considered when drafting the about paragraph: your professional achievements, in which contexts it is advisable to contact you, what is your passion in life, why you chose this profession and more.

Try to briefly condense your career journey, that is, where you started and where you aspire to.

5. Content is everything

The more professional or personal content you upload consistently and over time, the more people will know you, respond to you and your exposure on the network will increase.

Remember that LinkedIn's algorithm takes into account the frequency of posts.

The more posts you upload, and the higher your interaction with the audience, the more LinkedIn will realize that your content is of great value, and will accordingly increase your exposure.

I know that sitting in front of a blank page is particularly difficult, and the always nagging question is what content can be uploaded at all?

Here are some topics that I think will help you get started: Summarize a conference you attended, compliment or professionally support a colleague, present a professional and interesting article you wrote, or your reference to another professional article you came across, express an opinion in your professional field, etc.

You can use Google Alerts to receive the latest professional articles by push to your email, according to keywords you choose yourself.

The articles you will receive will expose you to new knowledge and ideas in your field of expertise.

If you apply these tips persistently, I guarantee you that a new professional world will open up to you.

Those of you who are still debating and feel insecure, and feel the need for help in opening a good profile, correct wording, focus of the summary, or just want to consult how to upload various contents and sections to the LinkedIn profile, are welcome to contact me, and I will gladly help.

In the meantime, try it yourself!

From CodeReview - the magazine of Bank Hapoalim's technology division

Yifat Tal, in collaboration with "The Technology", the technology division of Bank Hapoalim

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