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The hot-headed one with the crazy story: this is what we thought of the residents of Big Brother - voila! culture


Highlights: Despite the invective yet to come, it seems that this year as well, Network 13 has managed to concoct a precise mix of sexual tension and hot minds that will bring Israelis back to watching the reality show. The melting pot of casting consists of desperate single women, men who have inflated their egos instead of cultivating character, and quite a few loose nerves that create a general atmosphere of fights and cattle. The first five occupants to enter the house had to pretend to have been staying there for some time. Two of them were required to maintain a "fictitious" relationship story.

Despite the invective yet to come, it seems that this year as well, Network 13 has managed to concoct a precise mix of sexual tension and warm minds that will bring Israelis back to watching the reality show

An unknown person erupts at the launch of Big Brother, May 30, 2023 (Network 13)

What will I say and what will I say about the opening episode of Big Brother? As always, this is the world's longest forplay that will eventually lead us to a delightful chain of tasteless arguments and quarrels over cigarettes, ideologies and bambas. Alternatively, we could get all this initial business by email in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that at some point we would promise to review - but then they wouldn't be able to push us ads, promos and self-promotions. Well, welcome to the annual Big Brother typecast parade, please behave accordingly. After all, they won't last with all this niceness for much longer.

Despite the invective yet to come, it seems that this year as well, Network 13 has managed to concoct a precise mix of sexual tension and hot minds that will bring Israelis back to watching the most controversial reality show on screen. And as befits limitless ratings providers, this year as well, the melting pot of casting consists of desperate single women, men who have inflated their egos instead of cultivating character, and quite a few loose nerves that create a general atmosphere of fights and cattle. So called, I wished the vases good luck.

Sexual tension and hot minds. Big Brother (Screenshot, Network 13)

Meanwhile, a secret mission is on the agenda that has been deemed impossible, though it seems entirely possible. Beyond the nice budget boost, this is a move designed to fuel and ignite relationships at home as soon as possible. To do so, the first five occupants to enter the house had to pretend to have been staying there for some time. In addition, two of them (a model and a model, of course) were required to maintain a "fictitious" relationship story, and two other tenants who are at odds with their family members will pretend to be close and loving siblings. What about Yuval Ma'atuk's serious injury? Let's sum up that this won't be the first joke at her expense anytime soon. All profits from the task will of course be spent on hair gel for Vera. Wait, you'll understand the reference soon.

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Sharing the burden: Yanky Goldhaber (20)

On the one hand, this is Bnei Brak's Sean Gittelman, on the other hand, he enjoys life mainly everything that makes secular people fun. He carries on his shoulders the possibility of coexistence between Tel Avivians and those who hate them. In short, like the king of Silberschlag only in nice. Probably the only guy in the house who doesn't have rage problems. On the other hand, that was before he found out he had fifteen minutes alone with Yuval.

No Little, Yuval: Yuval Ma'atuk (28)

Armed with the costly tights, she made it all the way from Migdal HaEmek to TLV and thinks she's a brand. As a principle it worked for Kobi Suissa, because it turns out we live in times when people just decide to declare themselves famous and we go along with it. A general vibe of what would have happened if Jackie Menachem and Sharyn Abraham had made a girl. She also quotes Nurit Galron and Noam Horev (no response has yet been received from Nurit Galron on the subject). Came to find a husband, will launch a campaign for the supermarket on TikTok.

Campaign for the writer. Ma'atuk (Photo: Michael Tumarkin)

Aluminum Man: Snir Borgil (27)

Behind Snir's Iron Curtain, hide beautiful eyes and a family feud that is going to be a central line in the season. The tenant who announced that he had entered the house in order to get quiet from the family, found himself in less than half a minute ranting in front of the entire nation of Israel about his older sister, Sapir (instead of, say, turning to family therapy). As expected, he will have to deal with Sapir's entry into the house as a regular tenant in the coming days. Bring snacks.

Model: Nicole Uri Botvinnik (21)

Like Diane Schwartz, she hasn't moved to Beach Mode yet. It is clear to all of us that she is here to upgrade her career and yes, to date a well-publicized relationship that will last a month and a half in the test of reality. She has a list of 27 character traits she looks for in a partner, most of which are generic and boil down to having money and other things that shouldn't be written on a family website. She wants to raise the children she doesn't have in a religious education and I wonder if she knows what they think about bikinis and strapless. Awaiting Yankee's commentary on the matter.

Nicole (Photo: Michael Tumarkin)

Carrying a small bag: Roy Reinisch (26)

Nicole's female version and therefore, clearly and predictably, matched her as part of the production's secret mission to cook Diane and Nathaniel 2 for us. Also, behind the Ice Boy's beautiful and etitional face, Roy encrypts trauma and injury from the attack at the Hilton Taba Hotel, where he was staying with his family. What does he have to say about it? They used to laugh at his looks and now he makes a living from it. Hope good enough for Nicole's standards.

The problematic: Guy Eitan (33)

Behind every handsome and debauched Tel Aviv hides a huge hole in the heart and a very murky relationship with the parents that led to a life full of loneliness, devoid of emotions - but bursting with money. Looking for a woman to cook for him because he eats a lot. In short, he is here to fight at budget meetings. Advantage: Looks like a Pokemon evolution of Yehuda Levy.

Pan Maker: Etty Better (67)

She has an R, she has the style of a Bible teacher and nails that pierce the screen. She spent most of her ID on an esoteric story about a fly stuck in her ear and the fact that her son is gay and she flies at it the most. Unlike casting "The Adult," Etty is not here to make Moroccan fish or babysit dramas for 20-year-olds. Which means she's going to do quite a bit of pan. I hope that you will be able to break the ceiling of the adult manchus at home. Or at least awaken in us healthy Mama Ishioz.

There will be Pan. Etty (Screenshot, Network 13)

Amala: Lynn Alfie (20)

The Most Disturbed Life Story award goes to Lynn, who started out as an outstanding athlete and aspiring soldier in a combat role in the Air Force. From there, the whole thing got complicated, as Lynn began to suffer from a variety of medical problems that the military system could not diagnose. Less than nine months later, and due to severe abdominal pain, she was rushed to the hospital, where she discovered that she was about to become a surprise mother and that the nausea, swelling and abdominal pain she experienced were actually the result of a cryptic pregnancy. This fact is certainly maddening and also makes Lin a very complex and intriguing character. On the one hand, this is a handsome young woman full of joie de vivre, and on the other hand, a new mother who received the experience of parenthood to the maximum and comes with a certain baggage of maturity and stability. There is a situation where I put a jiton on it.

Totally wow. Lynn (Photo: Michael Tumarkin)

The Manhunt: Abraham Aklum (27)

I can't write most of what Avraham said about himself and Ethiopians on his ID card, and that's a good thing. He thinks he is a king, is convinced that he is better than others and is not willing to enter as a representative of the community. Like the other men who have entered the house before him, Avraham warns and announces that it is not recommended to annoy him and that emotions are not his strong suit. A prominent candidate to start beating with Snir.

That one from Master Chef: Gal Kaspers (37)

A lioness woman who loves people but also can't stand them, especially if she doesn't know them. All in all, it sounds like she's in the right place.

Master. Caspers (Photo: Michael Tumarkin)

Trigger Griner: Lara Metodi (fifty plus)

Don't let the accent confuse you, as it's a cradle with class (she said, not me). Not a new immigrant from South Africa and a prominent candidate to become Etty's bestie. As mentioned, she is equipped with a cute accent that allows her to say mean and tactless things and still make you feel flattered and amused. A perfect character trait for a resident of a home where the whole truth is told to her face - except for the gossip, the grudges and the slurs. It seems like a mega-cool woman, until you touch her hair gel or ask how old she is.

Multidisciplinary: Yuval Levy (32)

Yes, it's the one from "The Rehearsals" and the one that makes you say that all Tel Avivians live in the movie. She is a mother of two cats, makes graphs in prime time, is a multidisciplinary artist and is different and special as a hobby. So far, this typecast has not passed the popular reality test test. That is, at least since the days of the knitted and rising Shifra Kornfeld. If she doesn't talk about politics and dinosaur schnitzel, she'll be fine. Except that I once bought really nice pants from her. It's not related, I just wanted to do nymdropping.

Yuval Levy (Photo: Michael Tumarkin)

Revenge of the Hanana: Idan Morad (26)

At this point, I no longer distinguish between the complicated ones with blue eyes, and the fact that he used so many words to say that he used to be rejected and is now a medical student who will make a lot of money (to the attention of resident Nicole) did not help consistency here. Says he's spent too much time on Reddit and Por Chan forums (a well-known hobby among high school slaughterers who massacred them in high school), mercilessly blackens his ex and even so updates on the way that he's bisexual. It sounds like I'm not in favor of him, but I'm the most sincere. You know, maybe he'll be able to dig his way to the final.

Not cute: Shai Ofri (23)

Cute but hot-headed and here to tell the whole truth to your face (how we missed it). She harbors quite a bit of anger following a family tragedy and a complicated relationship with Dad, and I'm totally here to see all these feelings fall apart over someone who touched her with tobacco. Didn't make it through the ID shoot. No cigarette break. We know where it's going, right?

Shai Ofri (Photo: Michael Tumarkin)

The Frustrated: Ben Viarnik (32)

After a series of complicated pseudo-issues, a son came to us who went through a life story that actually justifies the title. A graduate of Nirim Boarding School, who was abandoned by his mother and saved from a life of delinquency at the last minute thanks to a tent, rain and three oaths of solitude as an educational act. Now he's married, a father of two and thinks he can get better at it. Tough on the outside and Krembo on the inside.

That one from Beauty and the Geek: Stav Officer (33)

Recycling reality TV refugees is commonplace in a country where being degraded on a reality show is almost as mandatory as military service. Equipped with a good amount of Botox and a vague connection to God (there used to be a dosit, but beauty rejects Shabbat) - and it's not clear why we didn't settle for a short spin of it in the next season of "Come Eat With Me", since Avivit Bar Zohar has only one and that's too much. On the other hand, I said the same things about Ilana and Diana and in the end I fell in love so not the shy learned, but the blackening did.

Stav Katzin (Photo: Michael Tumarkin)

Bizarre corner: This Thursday, two potential tenants are willing to do anything to enter the house (because proportions are alive) to the point that they will agree to spend about 48 hours inside a huge billboard in Rishon LeZion for the right to receive an entrance ticket. And it's not that there aren't smaller Tel Aviv apartments, but I'm not sure that the Geneva Convention loves it.

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