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The cheapest car in Israel is a pleasant surprise, but there is a catch. That is, a clutch - voila! vehicle


Highlights: The Hyundai i10 is the cheapest car in Israel. The manual model costs NIS 11,000 less, comes with the same 5-speed gearbox, and you'll even get a third pedal as a gift, a clutch. It's a mini car, but an average adult will feel comfortable in the back seat and getting in and out is easy. In the European test it got 3 out of 5 stars, and there is autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, a steering wheel that corrects lane deviation and a driver fatigue warning system.

After the herds of expensive streetcars, it's fun to meet the renewed Hyundai i10 that makes fun of them, at a price (NIS 79,000) and value for money (only Rav Ko is cheaper). And yes, it is manual

Remember when mini manuals were sold here for less than NIS 60,000?

79 thousand shekels is the current threshold/Walla! system, Odi Etzion


NIS 79,000


Suzuki Ignis manual

We liked:

Usability, simplicity, space for a small car, performance and behavior, value for money

We didn't like:

Loud and screams frugality, especially in white



On the one hand, the manual Hyundai i10 is the cheapest car in Israel.

79 thousand shekels before bargaining, discounts and promotions.

On the other hand, it has equipment that until a few years ago was not standard even in family cars that cost almost twice as much: autonomous emergency braking, for example.

A steering wheel that knows how to keep you from straying from the lane.

And even a computer screen instead of the analog dashboard of old, which blacks out every time you don't keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you.

The little Hyundai recently landed with us after a slight facelift.

The current generation was launched in 2019, and last year the required facelift was revealed, which mainly upgraded the equipment.

In its automatic models, it already costs almost NIS 90,000.

But the manual model costs NIS 11,000 less, comes with the same 5-speed gearbox, and you'll even get a third pedal as a gift, a clutch.

Do you remember what you do with it?

Overall handsome.

Plastic plates hide behind them steel rims/Walla! system, Audi Etzion


As part of the facelift, the front and rear were updated, but in the basic version it is hard to notice this, without the LED lights of the equipped and automatic versions and with steel rims as before.

But the i10 is handsome as well, and if it had come to the test in a color other than Leasing White, it would have shown more character and presence.

The secret?

rowing swimming

How to look and feel great, live healthy and lose weight?

In collaboration with TI SWIM

A bit gloomy and monotonous, and there is still modern multimedia here with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and simple and convenient operation of the air conditioner/Wala! system, Audi Etzion


If you haven't sat in the more equipped versions of the i10 before, you will feel less that the driver's environment is gloomy and devoid of the colored surfaces that can be found in them.

But there's still a modern 8-inch multimedia screen that can display a large Waze map, and another 4.2-inch one on the dashboard.

And because it is not a sophisticated car, there are physical buttons to operate the manual air conditioner - there is no climate control here - without getting lost between screens and taking your eyes off the road.

There is no air conditioner outlet, but there is room for two adults in the back, or three children who no longer need boosters/walla system!, Audi Etzion

The sitting position is relatively high, and the space is very good.

It is also surprisingly good from behind.

It's a mini car, but an average adult will feel comfortable in the back seat and getting in and out is easy.

There are 3 seat belts, but this is only in case you drive children in the short age period when they no longer need a booster and still don't stick your knees in the back.

Although a basic version, but a shelf that is not attached to the windshield and rises when it is opened?

Annoying savings/Walla system!, Audi Etzion

The trunk, with a volume of 252 liters, is relatively large and useful.

The saving is felt in a cover shelf that does not rise when the rear door is opened, but at least there is a cover.

And a spare wheel.


the multimedia comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, there is a reverse camera, a pair of USB-c sockets in the central console, control of the stereo from the leather-covered steering wheel, height adjustment for the driver's seat, and a key with a remote, but one that must be inserted into the ignition key to start.


there is autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, a steering wheel that corrects lane deviation and a driver fatigue warning system.

In the European crash test it only got 3 out of 5 stars.

It's not an i10N, and most drivers won't see its tail all the time.

But it knows how to be agile, much more than the automatic version/Wala! system, Audi Etzion

Engine and performance:

no change here: 1,200 cc, no turbo, 84 hp, with 4 cylinders while most of the small ones today have 3 cylinder engines that are louder and more vibrating.

The manual transmission has 5 gears, just like the automatic version, which comes with a single-clutch robotic box.

And this gear is one of the great advantages of this car.

Its automatic sibling is indeed refined relative to single-clutch transmissions of its type, but at the price of slow and early gear shifting.

And so the manual version (12.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h) is much quicker than the automatic-robotic (15.8 seconds). It's a nimble and light car, with precise gearing. Yes, you have to work a bit with the left foot, but the driver is rewarded with a bit of driving Real but not oppressive. It's a modern manual, with an anti-deterioration system on uphills, so a jump uphill is a thing of the past.

True, the engine is not very powerful, it reaches its peak at high rpm, and in a loaded car you'll have to downshift to fourth or third on uphills.

But it's not work, it's pleasure.

Let us switch gears a bit before we all have to drive an electric toy car.

It is indeed not an electric car nor a hybrid, but it is quite economical.

We achieved 17 km during the test days, which mainly included intercity driving.

Comfort and behavior:

like any small car, maneuverability in the city and in parking is excellent.

But it is also not shy on challenging roads, with the same maneuverability and good stability of the body.

Thanks to the 14-inch rims and the small tires - which will also be cheap to replace when you need to - the ride comfort is relatively good for a car with a short wheelbase.

It is reasonable in the city and better outside it.

On the other hand, part of the savings in this version is in insulation materials, so the ride is not quiet.

No wisdom, but also no compromises.

A practical car that provides net transportation/Walla! system, Audi Etzion

Bottom line:

Many readers scrolled on when they saw the word "manual."

The entire loss is theirs.

The cheapest car in Israel is an excellent answer to the cost of living, even more so in a two-three year old manual car if you find one, they disappear very quickly from the sales boards, but it is also successful as a new one if you have to peel nylons from the seats in your next car.

It doesn't lack anything important compared to the automatic Minis, the i10 is as big as a Super Mini from a decade ago, useful, and cheap to maintain.

We would be happy for the option to pay a little more and get the black roof of the equipped versions, but get it in burgundy or even pearl white and it will also be nicer to look at.

And with low fuel consumption and no expensive electric battery that requires a lot of investment in mining its precious raw materials, processing them and creating the battery itself, it is also not much less green than all kinds of fancy electrics that cost much more.

If there's a car that deserves the cliché less is more, it's this direct car.

Hyundai i10 Intense |



1,197 cc, 84 hp, 12 kg


manual, 5 gears, front wheel drive


Length (meters):


Width (meters):


Height (meters):


Wheelbase (meters ):


Weight (kg):



R14 175/65

Performance (manufacturer):

0-100 km/h (seconds):


Maximum speed (km/h):


Fuel consumption (km/l):


Test fuel consumption (kmL):


Air pollution:

Group 4 out of 15


European crash test score:

3 out of 5 stars

Active safety:

Autonomous emergency braking, lane departure correction, fatigue warning.


3 years or 100 thousand km

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