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The moment when Haim Cohen and Ruthie Brodo lost their credibility on the reality altar - voila! culture


Highlights: Keshet 12 aired its final episode of "The Winning Kitchen" in its Ahamim version. The final episode was dominated by Nir Debori's article on the tunnels in Gaza. Haim Cohen and Ruthie Brodo lost their credibility on the reality altar - voila! culture. Shir Bilyeh (Alon Abutbol's "poorushto", a silly phrase) is one level above all the other contenders, writes Yossi Itzik. Itzik: Only one of the two pairs was up to the task, and precisely not the one that won.

All the flaws in this season of "The Winning Kitchen" were drained into its final episode, which even so those who watched the news came to it without an appetite. As such, we were mostly left with unnecessary curses

They are not to blame for Nir Debori's article that preceded the broadcaster in the final, but for faking the appearance of a competition.

Haim Cohen and Ruthie Brodo, "The Winning Kitchen"/screenshot, Keshet 12

There were two serious problems with the final episode of "The Winning Kitchen" in its Ahamim version: the first, through no fault of his own, was that those who watched the channel on which the program was broadcast, Keshet 12, arrived without an appetite. The second was that even those who managed to develop hunger again, encountered an episode Like a flat slice of bread spread with white cheese with 5% fat. Are you challenged?

Let's start with the bag that cannot be dropped on this transmitter, the spoiled oyster (sorry for deviating from kosher rules, but I couldn't think of a more appropriate culinary image) that we ate at the bar, alongside the martini, while we waited to a free table. I mean the article that signed off the extended news edition, the one in which Nir Debori brought the story of the tunnels in Gaza. I

'll admit that I love the genre: not an investigation rummaging through garbage cans to find evidence, but a combination of visible information that time gives an interpretation to Different and fascinating. In the case of the tunnel project, even scary. I won't spoil your appetite, in case you missed it, but I will say that the words were less important than the disturbing melody:

the entities we finance with our money and even our blood, referring to the Israeli government and the IDF, provide us with lies instead of security.

Stay with me a moment longer at the bar, because the amazing thing about Debori's fascinating article was what came out of her lines, among other things also about the Israeli media - here is Yonit Levy opening the news edition from "Cast Lead" with a rare sentence: "This was a shelling that Gaza did not know From time to time, not even in the Six Day War" - that is, once again the same news that is nothing but "the IDF", which, in the absence of significant achievements, counts tons of bombs.

This is how the article became something that arouses not only Netanyahu and Gantz, who prove that Israel's political and military leadership has fallen asleep on guard, but also those who are supposed to be its watchdogs, to investigate and warn.

Like two good home cooks who met a real chef.

And yet, strive for Cuba-Wellington.

Itzik and Daniel Cohen, "The Winning Kitchen"/screenshot, Keshet 12

The close competition that wasn't

This deviation from entertainment to actuality came only to make it clear that we received a scandalous bill even before the two final couples entered the kitchen.

Since hunger is the best appetizer, I admit that I arrived at the dishes slightly nauseated by the news, yet I was hoping for comfort food (if these are the people who are in charge of our safety, we are allowed to eat what we want - it is not spoiled food that will kill us).

Only one of the two pairs was up to the task, and precisely not the one that won.

From a purely culinary point of view, it was an unfair competition, Shir Bilyeh (Alon Abutbol's "poorushto", a silly phrase) is one level above all the other contenders.

It's not that the rest didn't show sparks, but it was a bit like watching Maccabi Haifa, say, against Manchester City (and being a fan of both Hapoel Haifa and Manchester United, this is probably the hardest line I've ever written), that is - something Which is mainly interesting until the opening whistle, because after that it is clear that the maximum to stay with him is the compliments, in the absence of sporting value to the game.

Biliya is in a league of its own: in the culinary understanding, in the knowledge of the raw materials, in the technical skill - which includes mastery of several methods of cooking, frying, baking, etc. - in short, there was no real competition here.

This entire season of "The Winning Kitchen" is not compared to the priests' dessert dish: a sponge cake that didn't turn out well/screenshot, Keshet 12

Two fingers from Zion

This still does not eliminate what can be squeezed out of such a season, since food, especially if served with enough wine (which unfortunately did not happen this season, after the broadcaster could not find a sponsor from the field) is a good trigger for soulful conversations.

The problem was that the production put all their efforts into creating a false representation of close competition (I adore Itzik Cohen - and his daughter Daniel looks incredibly sweet - but they were like a pair of good home cooks who met a professional chef for the first time), until any conversation that could have developed, fell into this huge gap Between the outcome known in advance and the efforts to broadcast a competitive "sport".

And that wasn't the only problem.

Alon Abutbol, ​​for example, is the type of star who doesn't like being exposed for more than five minutes of a carefully prepared PR article.

When you let him loose his tongue, it turns out that he is childish, thirsty for attention, manipulative in an obviously not graceful way, narcissistic - and filled with all these, he is a prisoner of a kind of image that was "cool" a few decades ago.

Maybe that's why he occasionally utters curse words like "fucking" and "beach" in a southern accent.

I don't want to be self-righteous, but call me a "fucking bitch" (free translation) if I think you don't have to be a self-righteous Republican conservative to abhor this kind of language in prime time, what with it being nothing more than a pitiful pose of a once-talented actor.

I'm sorry if this sounds too blunt, but there's nothing more annoying than a man who doesn't realize that he's the one who should be grateful to his environment (including his "exorcism" - wow, what a snooze!) for putting up with him.

I mean, here we have another gap into which this season of "The Winning Kitchen" fell: between the level of Shir's cooking and the annoying behavior of her ex-partner.

More in Walla!

The explosion between Ruthie Brodo and Nina Kachon is much more than just a professional insult

To the full article

Shall we open a tarot card?

The next problem proves that the problems of the rich are sometimes problems: this not-so-interesting season (I love Kobe Oz, in my opinion, his Tipax is really like her character from the seventies "Hive", an ultimate answer to the question: "What do you think is Israeli", really, but the extroverted performer that he becomes on stage, moves me much more than the introverted guy outside of it), still reached the peak.

It was in a fight between Nina and Ruthie, over the latter's criticism of the culinary disaster that occurred the moment Nina (apparently a very good cook of Tripolitanian food) tried to step out of her comfort zone and introduce nobel cuisine.

The problem was that the production team were so frightened that they had something authentic for a moment, that they rushed to drown it in the honey of incredibly stupid talk about "listening", "conclusion" and other nonsense from the genre "Am Yisrael Chai".

Because one of the signs of the times is that one should not say anything meaningful, lest someone get angry, God forbid.

Because that's how they tried to forcefully squeeze the emotional lemon with a stupid game where everyone reads an anonymous question written by one of the participants to another participant.

It was as unnecessary as someone who serves a dish with a side dish of rice - and at the last minute adds mashed potatoes to it, so be it.

We were in the signs of these times, so here is another one, even more unnecessary than the previous one: opening the Tarot cards (Shir and Elon) before each task.

Yes, I understand that this is such an age where people are looking for spiritual meaning-in-power, but why does the production have to cooperate with this New Age mumbo-jumbo?

As if you didn't understand that vaccine opponents from Pardes Hana-Karkur cleaned the screens from their lives anyway (which is a bit at odds with their impressive presence on the net, but not all the mysteries in our lives will be dropped on reality cooking from Efan).

What a snooze.

Alon Abutbol with his "Foroshto" song Biliya.

"The winning kitchen"/screenshot, Keshet 12

Hollywood Corner Fucking Beach

If you still insist on eating, then after a semblance of a draw in the main course, in which Itzik Cohen received a high score for the boldness of the Cuba-Wellington he served, came the dessert stage, during which Billieh-Abutbol was bombarded with a dessert by an experienced confectioner, while Cohen was unable to bake even a cake Absorbed properly and completely overwhelmed the competition (even though the two judges gave the dishes the same score, meaning: Haim Cohen and Ruthie Brodo also lost their credibility on the altar of reality).

If you read the last paragraph without falling asleep, you deserve a reward in the form of waiving the analysis of the relationship of Avi Kachon with his sister Nina, or of Anna Aronov with her partner, Eyal Elgabi.

I would like to write here a comforting sentence like "and it's not because they are not interesting", but that would be a lie.

Therefore we will only note that the casting will also align with the level of tension and interest.

This is how it happened that I reached the finish line of "The Winning Kitchen" when I lose not only my trust in the government, the army and the media (as they were presented to me in Nir Dabouri's bitter appetizer), but also in Keshet 12's ability to produce a winning reality show for prime time.

So here, after all, I was left with something, the longing.

Longing for the days when it was enough for Keshet to enter an editing room with photos of two celebrities and a reasonable personal story, to bring 20% ​​ratings.

Days when it was enough to send Haim Cohen to the kitchen with eggplant and lemon to see salvations.

Days when I thought Alon Abutbull was a star, that is, when he was still two fingers away from Sidon, before he moved to Hollywood corner of Fucking Beach.

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