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The North will pay: the metro in Tel Aviv as an example of the government pigs - Walla! Of money


That we have dozens of ministers oppressing the middle class, we have already seen. The mayors of Gush Dan have now also joined the ministers: the infamous "north bank" has once again been demanded to pay the bill

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The North will pay: the metro in Tel Aviv as an example of the government pigs

The state has decided on a national project, but does not want to fund it.

The heads of the authorities are also opposed, and so a wonderful solution has been found: the infamous "northbound", the one who in any case bears most of the tax burden, will pay this time as well.

About the metro in Tel Aviv and especially about the bullying alliance between the systems that got used to living at the expense of the taxpayer


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Of money

Wednesday, 22 September 2021, 10:59 Updated: 11:24

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Under the media radar, the metro is turning from an ambitious infrastructure project for the benefit of citizens, into another middle-class money-squeezer.

The 24 heads of the authorities in whose area the subway is supposed to pass, sent a letter to the prime minister in which they expressed their firm opposition to the level of participation stipulated for them in the huge project.

In its place, they proposed imposing a "dedicated tax" on the residents of the metro authorities area in order to finance their share, so that, God forbid, they would not collapse financially.

The reason for the need for the designated tax, which will join the 75% taxation levied on the areas on which projects will be built along the metro route, and the congestion fee planned by foreign residents, is the municipalities' fear of a wave of future claims for property depreciation and reduction of improvement levies. Which obliges them to compensate the victims from it.

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The light rail works on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv: we will also continue to embitter the lives of the residents and also impose a "metro tax" on them (Photo: Reuven Castro)

We have become accustomed to rats

The concern of the powerful authorities, including Tel Aviv, for the resilience of municipalities like Raanana - whose mayor, Haim Broida, cried bitterly at the special infrastructure infrastructure committee's discussion, that he would get into financial trouble because of the metro - is really exciting.

What brotherhood, friendship, concern for others. It is just a pity that the concerned mayors do not see the potential for the financial collapse of their residents, on whom they are burdening more and more fees, taxes, levies and fines, while these are grinding their teeth and trying to make a living.

The metro, which is estimated to cost between 150 and 200 billion shekels (currently - because who knows how much will swell along the way, we have already learned that infrastructure projects in Israel become a fertile ground for corruption) is supposed to serve the residents of the center, including Tel Aviv residents. Excavations, blockages, traffic jams, lack of parking spaces and a plague of rats, due to light rail work. Only that the light rail and the suffering it causes them, no dedicated tax was imposed because it is a national project.

The metro is also a national project, and if it is, the state will respect and pay for it.

If this is a project for the benefit of local residents only, it would be worthwhile to contact and ask them if they are even interested in it, certainly when the expectation for the start of the train's activity is in 2033 (in other words: it will not happen at least before 2050).

The wealthy Tel Aviv municipality, which is unwilling to give up despite a surge in property taxes, takes pity on its coffers and its fat officials, and takes care not to harm their extreme conditions.

Cafe on Rothschild Boulevard: Anyway, all the Northerners just sit in cafes all day, so why not take some more money from them?

(Photo: ShutterStock, Shutterstock)

The suckers that do not change

This is how the residents of the center, who are in any case called "spoiled pimps", by any politician who rushes to cut a coupon in the eyes of the "people" at their expense, get into a battle between unstoppable



on one side state politicians: linked politicians, ministers Who feed themselves with public money.

On the other side: the municipal system sharks: municipal portfolio holders, department heads, municipal company mechanisms, regulators, "sterilizers" and other local functionaries - that is: another public that lives wonderfully at the expense of taxpayers.

Everyone craves the money of the donkeys, who are (statistically) more educated, earn more, pay the most taxes and just want to get home safely and if possible, also fast.

The residents of the center (in general) do not ask for mercy from anyone, but the State of Israel is pushing them to the breaking point.

They are tired of being the suckers who do not change.

The Corona has already proven that you do not have to live close to Silicon Wadi in Herzliya, or to the City of Tel Aviv to work for the large companies that sit in the center.

You can do this either Observatory in Green Galilee, or from Mitzpeh Ramon - third of the price for living, or at least send the next generation to do it abroad.

Should mayors come to its senses and stop burdening more and more on their residents that end up here, maybe Metro, but It will be empty of "northern" passengers, who have long since become the national punching bag, now it turns out that it also exists at the municipal level.

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