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They left everything for fear of theft and went to the US: they are a success selling churros with dulce de leche


The Miotti family lived in San Martín and in 2018 they decided to leave the country for fear of assaults. They have two food trucks and they roam South Florida.

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03/07/2021 10:00

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When Néstor and Noelia Miotti decided to move to the United States, in South Florida, they thought about breaking new ground in their lives and looking for a different future for their children.

It was in 2018, and they were driven by the insecurity they felt in San Martín, where they continue to have friends, family and loved ones that prevent them from completely cutting off their sense of belonging.

But their journey ended up leading them to found a project that would make them

the Willy Wonka "Argentines" of the United States


After unsuccessful attempts at ventures to sell Latin American desserts, they founded a

gourmet churros factory that is all the rage today


As soon as they moved in, they decided to install a traditional Latino dessert cooking project.

"We made five varieties of


, two types of



cheese bread and frozen churros

," says Néstor, father of Santino (15), Renata (4) and Delfina (2).

They managed to insert them in restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations, but they were not giving the result that they expected.

Foodtruck in pandemic.

Respecting social distancing, customers go to the car to buy the churros.

“I don't know how much it sold because it was very tough, the competition was very strong.

You have a very large Latin market, that's why there are a lot of variety of products and companies that manufacture them.

My product was of quality, I used top-of-the-line ingredients, but later a much larger company came with a lower cost and sold it to you cheaper.

The strong competition from the big one who eats the boy was the first impediment to starting here, ”he says.

At the end of 2019, just before the pandemic, they decided to stop the ball and think about how to continue.

An idea began to haunt them with force.

“If I sell frozen churros to distributors, why don't I make them?", Says Néstor who thought. "Having your own place with a brand, creating it in a way that is not so classic from what one is used to seeing, reinventing it and make it more gourmet, fun and familiar ”, were the premises of that dream.

And thus

Churros World CO was



In May 2020, the entrance to 

bars and restaurants was prohibited

, so the family raised the "concept of foodtruck" to sell outdoors, in public spaces: where there were more people. 

Betting everything on the first project.

The factory where the Latin desserts were cooked, which after a year, did not end up giving the expected success.

Today they sell about

20 thousand churros per month

only at the headquarters, since they added a second food truck.

Some renowned artists tested their creations, such as

rap singer Flo Rida

, and

Argentine actress Andrea Estévez


Among the varieties they offer they have

churros dipped in chocolate


dulce de leche



similar to those that go in the classic American donuts.

Their products come in trays with the North American flag, conveying the idea that customers can feel part of the identity of the fried and stuffed delicacy.

They even have

churros with marshmallows

, pointing to a mix of cultures.

"I like what I do, I found a passion. I want to be there and help, be with people, comment on what the project is about. There are people who do not know what a churro is, especially the 'gringo' public. I explain, I give them some, and then they come back and recommend, "says Nestor.

Churros World CO food trucks have fixed points where they serve: “like restaurants on wheels,” says Néstor.

Sometimes they also cover private events and move.

"We try not to neglect the customer who almost every day and buys the churro, like one in Argentina goes to the bakery and buys the bread and the bills," he compares.

His idea is to

expand throughout South Florida

and reach South America in the future.

"We do not forget that we are Argentines and we would like them to be able to taste our products in our land," he says, recalling his beloved neighborhood of San Martín.

“We did everything for our children.

I think that is the main reason ”, Néstor concludes.

Although now, the passion for their churros is getting stronger.

Latin desserts.

The first undertaking carried out by the Miotti family.

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