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"Everyone was glad we were back to perform, but where were you in Corona when there was no culture?" - Walla! culture


Disappointment with the attitude towards culture ("How quickly this year they decided we were not essential"), hope from the change government ("It reflects what it should be") and life alongside Alma Zack ("I admire her number 1"): for his participation in the indie series "Do not share" Upcoming on YouTube, actor Alon Neumann speaks. Interview

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"Everyone was glad we were back to perform, but where were you in Corona when there was no culture?"

Disappointment with the attitude towards culture ("How quickly this year they decided we were not essential"), hope from the change government ("It reflects what it should be") and life alongside Alma Zack ("I admire her number 1"): for his participation in the indie series "Do not share" Upcoming on YouTube, actor Alon Neumann speaks.



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Sagi Ben Nun

Thursday, 01 July 2021, 00:00 Updated: 14:26

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Trailer for the series "Do not share" (PR)

2014, Rehovot's new cultural hall. Habima's "Uncle's Time" play, directed by Itzik Weingarten, is in progress. The moment arrives when the show's star Alon Neumann is supposed to take the stage using an elevator leading to her from the locker room, dazzle from the light of the spot aimed at him and perform an exciting song. His moment has arrived, his fellow actors are already on stage and waiting for him, but to their amazement - there is no Neumann. There is a spotlight - but the player is not. After some time of tension it turned out, embarrassingly, that Neumann was stuck in the elevator.

"I press the elevator button, enter it and go up from the actors' room towards the stage. Suddenly the elevator gets stuck," Neumann recalled in an interview with Walla! culture. "From the elevator you hear the stage. I hear the music that signals I have to go up and sing. But there's nothing to do. It's not that anyone can cover you with the text, if you're not there then you do not sing. I start calling people, saying I'm in the elevator. It's stressful. It's the kind of moment you can panic about. But after the initial stress, then it's funny to me. The thought that I have nothing to do to change the situation actually set me free. I already understand that I will not sing this song. I start thinking, what are they going to do? ? If there's one thing I like about the world it's improvisations. Actors always like to see the partners come out of all sorts of situations. I'm a champion at it. But here I was in a closed elevator, not even Houdini would get on stage. At some point they just skip the song We're doing some restart for the elevator and I'm rescued. "

The show does not have to go on.

Alon Neumann (Photo: Reuven Castro)

"This case reminds me of the sentence 'The show must go on.' Dror Keren and I are still looking for the person who drowned this sentence - to kill him. Because it's an annoying sentence. What is it, 'The show must go on'? No, it does not have to go on. "There are times when you do not have to go on stage. If you are sick-dead, if you are grieving for someone close, if you want to be at the birth of your children - the show does not have to go on.

The phrase "The Show Mast Go On" particularly upset Neumann when he was serving in the IDF Theater, at the time he served as the team commander, and they put on the play "Apprenticeship." "It was a crazy lager," Neumann recalled. Once we went up to the Golan Heights, and on the way Udi Ben Moshe, who today is the artistic director of the Jerusalem Khan, was a dead patient, high fever and matters, and could not perform. I, by virtue of my position, contacted our headquarters, and told her - listen, there's a problem, Udi is sick, he can not show up. She said, 'I don't care - show up.' When we got there, they sent him to the clinic, and the man was hallucinating, did not know his name. I call our headquarters again and tell her, no, there is no way he will show up. So she tells me, show up without him. I had to explain to her that this is not a military band, where you can download a song or a sketch. It's a play. It's a character. If he did not come in, what should I say? Of course I canceled the show on my own,Then she punished us and left us three days in prison at a base in the Golan Heights. "

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Apparently "Great Land" also needs to understand who it is without Benjamin Netanyahu

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Punishment at the Golan Heights base.

Alon Neumann (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The esteemed actor Alon Neumann, 54, is participating in a new indie series, "Do Not Share", which airs today (July 1) on Facebook and YouTube. The series, signed as producer, director and screenwriter Dekel Eisen, is a psychological drama about an alternative support group for people who have experienced online abuse, whether their intimate photos or videos have been circulated, boycotted or caught on camera doing something contemptible and becoming the "ugly Israeli" on duty. The group is joined by someone new, as part of service work ordered by a court, after her actions on social media led to disaster. Group members are forced to deal with the new presence, without knowing that that new participant also has a hidden agenda. Dalia Shimko, Sharon Alexander, Ben Yossifovitz, Maayan Ashkenazi, Itzik Golan, Gil Yifrach, Amit Ruderman and Miran Yemin also play in the 8-episode independent series.

"God fear what happens on the networks," Neumann says.

"I have two daughters, one 12 and a half and one and a half and a half, and without a doubt the network is God's fear. Even characters who are in the public eye like actors are exposed to the horror of the network. Whenever someone does not like what you represent or who you are or just did not come "Good for the eye - it's getting scary. The situation is very promiscuous."

The networks are hacked.

Alon Neumann (Photo: Reuven Castro)

"25 years ago I played in the series 'Scandal' with Tal Friedman and Dror Keren, and its episodes were written by people like Modi Bar-On and Asaf Harel," adds Neumann. "There was an episode where a doctor was asked at the end of the day by his secretary: 'Are there any more patients?'. The doctor answers her: 'I don't know, peek out.' So she sues him for telling her 'peek out.' Like a joke, but the episode kept rolling until the doctor lost his job - and committed suicide.It's just a comedy, a kind of satire, but even in those days you saw in the series how much this issue - verbal violence, shaming and harassment - is not really addressed.I think the series The new 'Do not share' plays an important role in raising awareness of this, and through its treatment of a smart, good and in-depth topic. There are helpless parents and children here. You pray that nothing will happen God forbid. When we were children we left home much more than today's children - we played outside, We walked around.So the parents supposedly had a bigger cause for concern. Now the kids are in the room next door - but God knows where they are and what they are meeting through the screens. So the situation actually got worse. "

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"I invested a lot of energy in writing songs but neglected to advance my career"

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Want interesting roles.

Alon Neumann (Photo: Reuven Castro)

In an interview with Walla! Culture, nine years ago, under the title "Want more lead roles", Neumann made the following confession, which I now remind him: "I will not deny that I would like to be one of those names that are immediately pulled out, when casting series or movies. Advertising also brings with it all sorts of places "I'm not in them right now. There's a cadre of hot names from which all the lead roles are cast, and I'm not there."

How personal is it still in your life? Have you learned to come to terms with this situation over the years?

"I can say the same sentence today. I wish I was in that pool of names for the same reasons I said then. As an actor you want to get interesting roles and work with interesting people that will make you have good and positive and interesting experiences. And of course there is the livelihood. On the other hand, I Less defines my well-being through whether it happens or not happens.Call it maturation, call it change.The corona intensified this process.I'm happy to say that I'm fine with myself right now.

Alon Neumann in the series "Do not share" (Photo: Gal Ginosar)

At the beginning of the Corona, you participated in the charming clip of "A Wonderful Land" for a song led by Udi Kagan, "Family in Quarantine".

In the clip where the relatives of the stars of "Eretz" were hosted, you performed alongside Alma Zack with your daughters.

How did you get through the corona, which threatens to make a comeback variant these days?

"It was a time when there were all kinds of stages. In the first closing stage, the clip came up, and it wonderfully described the feeling of what happened, for better or worse, in the family melting pot we all went through. Big for me it was very positive. At the beginning of the Corona I had an image of a console, mixer Of sound, which suddenly took you down all the channels. Leave you only the two main channels in your life, one of which is your family. And you see it's not that terrible. Then you say, I'm not sure I want to bring them all back. And the channels that I I'll put it back on grade 8 or just 4. This is how it felt to me, after the channels of visibility, the burden of proof, the immediate worries of the future were closed to me, etc. Suddenly it changed doses in people, how much to invest in everything. For me it was a productive period. "A lot, I did a lot of shows on the radio, I taught. And also a big gathering and getting closer to yourself at a level that is almost impossible on a crazy day."

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The severe damage to the artists' livelihoods and the paralysis of the industry were less positive.

These days, the IDF is ceasing to exist and there is a fear that severe economic crises will be exposed.

"Everyone has returned to performances, both the audience and the artists. And you feel the hunger and thirst of people for this thing. I perform with 'The Spiders from Pluto' (a tribute show to David Bowie - SB) and feel it.

What happened is that everyone is so happy about the return of the culture, and I ask where were you when it was not?

See how fast the state said - it's not necessary at all, it's not essential.

Stop people on the street and ask them - before you die, when you look back, what things will you remember and say about them wow, what a beauty I was here?

The majority are experiences.

These are not things you bought.

And a lot of the experiences are related to culture, like shows you’ve seen, books you’ve read, series you talk about all day on the networks.

And what if he didn't have it all?

This is a place where people used to think it was not essential.

We read to our children every day a bedtime story - is it not essential, Kibinimat?

Someone wrote these stories. "

Internal convergence.

Alon Neumann with Alma Zack (Photo: Rafi Daloia)

At the beginning of June, you presented in your program "The Motive" on Radio Essence of Life a program that dealt with "Hope". A few days later, the change government was sworn in, so you wrote on Facebook: "It turns out that the plan was topical."

"It gives hope for change. It's not just called a change government. It might give hope for understanding. Like I said about culture the same can be said about democracy - people do not understand how critical it is in their lives until it is. The problem is that if it is not, It's already irreversible. It's not something you want to experience. You do not want to try to be without democracy and see what happens. It does not work. The government in its composition, there was no such thing. I am reluctant to tell you whether it will work or not, but it is definitely worth it. And reflects what is supposed to be. There should be no government, no matter which side, that for four, eight or ten years half of the people, oust it or oust it. Need a government that represents the whole nation. And now there is a government that represents the whole nation,"Except for people who still think Netanyahu is good."

If you got up tomorrow morning and found out that instead of being married to the wonderful actress who imitates Sarah Netanyahu, you are married to Sarah Netanyahu herself - what would you do?

"I think I would make an appointment for a particle accelerator in Switzerland, which would break me down into atoms."

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Particle Accelerator.

Neumann (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The question that comes back to you in the interviews, if you are jealous of the young lady for her participation in "Great Country", more annoying or funny to you?

"It's neither annoying nor funny. It's a question I can understand why they ask because it's a legitimate and natural question. You know, we've lived together for 18 years, I can say I'm her number one fan. I think there really is no actress like her in the country. No, I do not Jealous of her. There were times I was in a place with my duty to prove to myself or to the world that I was such and such an actor - it was more personal. Today it is not personal at all. If there is this healthy jealousy of saying 'wow, what fun for her!'. "It's from a good place. We know she's lucky and that it's her happiness that she's there. So it's neither annoying nor funny. I'm cheering."

What are you especially proud of in your career - and what do you regret?

"I am very proud to have been part of the team that conceived and founded 'Mayumana'. I feel lucky to have done 'Eshkava' with Hanoch Levin. I am very proud and happy in my place on Radio Essence of Life. It has been a part of my life for eight years, and this is perhaps where I feel The best in it because I feel that I - I, and that I am in my place. And the band 'The Spiders from Pluto'. I have been playing drums since the age of 15. If there is love in my life it is drums, first of all. I am with great musicians, perform great music in front of an audience, And maybe I'm mostly kicking out of a general path I're walking in a constant search. I'm a curious person, who asks and changes, and does not dress in a particular niche. With all that people come to me and say to me - 'It's very hard to define who you are and what you do "Maybe you should have done one thing." So no. It's me. I'm glad I do a lot of things. "

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The "favors for battle" has to start all over again, making it perfect

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I do full of things. Alon Neumann (Photo: Reuven Castro)

And more on your impressive resume - you dubbed Michael Jordan in the original "Spice Jam". Did you see the documentary "The Last Dance" about Jordan on Netflix?

"I was a crazy fan of Jordan, so dubbing him was awesome and the closest That I was to God. Obviously I saw the series about him on Netflix. It was interesting to see what kind of personality and what kind of person you have to be to be Jordan, and what price he or people around him paid. He is a man so far away from me, with such a different personality structure, and that is what interests me. Jordan is interesting not only in his physical abilities and his degrees, but also because you understand that this is a man who can not lose even in a tree or a fly in front of his bodyguard. Listen, this is a scratched man, a haunted man, this is a passage. You ask yourself if you would like to be in such a situation. I do not know. "

Offended that you were not selected to dub LeBron James in" Spice Jam 2 "

? "Absolutely not. The truth is, I didn't think about it until you asked now."

Like Jordan, you too are very tall.

What is the benefit of this?

"Not very tall, I'm a total of 1.87 meters. It has a big advantage, especially when I go as an audience for live performances, because I see the stage better."

And for dessert: Since you are now participating in a series on a support group, the question arises which support group would you like to join in reality?

"It seems to me a support group for treating snoring. It seems to me a global problem."

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