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This is how Israel became a paradise for car thieves - voila! vehicle


Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva are the leading cities in car theft. And who do the thieves like the most - you'll be surprised, but that's exactly what the Israelis want

This is how Israel became a paradise for car thieves

with an unbearable ease of passing through the checkpoints, despite the increased activity of the police and the IDF in the territories of the PA. Car thieves are enjoying extraordinary prosperity. This is according to the data of the tracking company Pointer

Kenan Cohen


Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 4:31 p.m. Updated: 4:41 p.m.

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They break everything in their way to neutralize the protective measures and leave in less than two minutes (Photo: Poynter)

Anyone who still imagines a car thief as someone with a sock hat and a long screwdriver in hand looking for easy prey to break into and disappear - should wake up.

The car thieves have long since become an orderly, hierarchical organization with departments, a well-oiled system of ordering spare parts, a management body and even "customer service".

The combination between the ease of smuggling the cars, the demand for spare parts and the revolving door method of punishment that is an insult to car thieves encourages this booming industry - in the first nine months of 2022 there was a 155% increase in theft attempts compared to the corresponding period last year.

"The car theft chain starts with the families who own the scrap yards, who centralize the orders for parts from the local market and garages in Israel," explains Ilan Goldstein, CEO of Poynter, "They issue an order for the requested vehicles by type, model and sometimes also color.

The theft squads, with whom the car dismantling yard is in contact, accept the order and go out to the area to look for the appropriate vehicle."

An accident after an attempted theft (Photo: Poynter)

After the vehicle is located and hacked by the squad's "technologist" using a GPS jammer that already "stars" in 90% of the total number of car thefts, the driver enters it and takes the stolen vehicle as quickly as possible to the dismantling yard located in the Palestinian Authority's shelter cities and no-man's land.

"The journey with the stolen vehicle is often accompanied by wild driving and dangerous speed, followed by traffic violations and even driving against the direction of travel or breaking through barriers and spikes. Sometimes the journey is accompanied by collisions and injuries to the body."

Another route taken by the stolen cars is one where the thieves work as freelancers.

In most cases, they will resort to stealing vehicles that are particularly common with a hacking method known as "double" - breaking into the house and taking the car keys.

In such cases, the thieves come to the vehicle dismantling areas, where they negotiate with the owners of the lots and sell the vehicle at a higher price.

A second option they choose is to find contact information with the car owner - through documents left in the car and they will offer him to buy the car back, sometimes at a very tempting price in order to save dealing with the insurance companies - the unequivocal recommendation is not to be tempted by these transactions "These are dangerous people who decided to cross the lines and living in the criminal world of car thefts, drugs, prostitution and some of them even take part in terrorist organizations" says Goldstein, "there have already been cases where the owner of the car was severely beaten, the money was stolen from him and he remained "ice from here and there".

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The stolen tools are advertised without fear on social networks (photo: screenshot, screenshot)

And although we have to admit the truth - the business model of companies like Ituran and Pointer is based on the response they give to the scourge of thefts, even with them the token of the thieves' increasing audacity has already fallen "if some of the judges joined the police and enforcement forces in the pursuit of the car thieves and watched the films documenting the wild trips , maybe it would have resulted in a more severe punishment, proportionate to the danger and to reduce the phenomenon."

All of this increase in theft attempts and actual thefts are happening at the same time as the so-called "wave breaker", the same rolling operation that was supposed to significantly reduce the entry of car thieves.

The sad conclusion is that one of the two - the security agencies have the selective ability to prevent the penetration of hazards but not of thieves and they allow the latter to enter, or that with all the effort in the field, the technological investment and the concentration of forces - the seam line is completely breached.

And the audacity is also reflected in the hours of activity of the thieves.

In the previous years, the hot hours of thieves' activity was from 10:00 p.m. to early morning, in the third quarter this convention was already broken and the thefts take place throughout the hours of the day without fear of the thieves operating in broad daylight.

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The judges are invited to go out and see the feat.

Ilan Goldstein, CEO of Poynter (Photo: Poynter)

The locations from which the cars are stolen also prove that determined activity is the best response to the phenomenon.

The Sharon area, which was a disaster zone where 38% of the thefts occurred, dropped to 25%.

The central region, on the other hand, rose from 24 to 32%.

In the lowlands, the percentage of theft rose from 9 to 13%, in the northern region, a celebration with a jump from 5 to 11%.

Jerusalem remained unchanged with 7% and the southern region dropped from 17 to 12%.

In the segmentation of thefts by cities, a particularly grim figure is revealed - the big cities are the playground of car thieves - a quarter of car thefts are concentrated in 3 cities - Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva and Jerusalem.

The direct connection between the popularity of vehicles and their demand in the theft table continues when the thieves also show a clear preference for SUVs or recreational vehicles and jeeps.

This year, for the first time, the proportion of these vehicles exceeds 51% of the total number of thefts.

That is, every second car that is stolen is a recreational vehicle.

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