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The renewed Toyota Corolla in the country: can you stop the trams? - Voila! Car


Highlights: The world's best-selling family car is being renewed, and is now coming here equipped with a hybrid powertrain that's more advanced than ever. The real change lies beneath the exterior design. The new Corolla is slightly quieter than the outgoing one, (another point improved), and this is especially evident when the gasoline engine is strained. The Corolla enjoys high road grip and road grip, and even in the early mornings will make you get up on Saturday mornings to sew some sew some fun.

The world's best-selling family car is being renewed, and is now coming here equipped with a hybrid powertrain that's more advanced than ever. Is that a big enough change to be renewed in it?

The real change lies beneath the exterior design (Photo: Walla!, Yoav Poles)

Price: NIS 158,160 (Sun), NIS 168,8 (Sens) - NIS 5,10 (Limited)
Competitors:Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Elantra
We liked: fuel consumption, comfort, no surprises, fifth generation hybrid propulsion, spare wheel in the Sun
model We didn't like: Original reverse camera, limited price, lack of blind spot vehicle warning at base, inflation kit on top models
Score: 2019.<>/<>

Second time in my life that I get stung with a Corolla, and both times the sting factor is 'voila!car'. The first time was when they convinced me to participate in the 'race' but they didn't tell all the details and I found myself in a fuel-saving competition.

The second time is this time with the new Corolla. Why a bite? Because when I placed the new Corolla next to the <> Corolla, it was clear to me that we would find small exterior design differences but ones that made a difference. And at first glance we do not find any difference. Nor at second glance. Then we take the cars out for stronger lighting and start stroking the bumpers and headlights, and compare really deeply, and in the end we found an external difference. Small. Front grille. The one through which air enters and cools the radiator and engine, the patterns embedded in it are different. Is. If anyone finds another external design difference, feel free to write to us in the comments. This is also the reason why we will not dwell on a single sentence about the exterior or interior design of the Corolla.

A different example in the front grille, that's all the difference (Photo: Walla! system, Yoav Poles)

It's a Corolla. You've already seen tens of thousands like her. There is nothing to dwell on here.

The interior of the Corolla is also identical to the outgoing model, with minor updates mainly to the basic Sun version that gets a digital instrument cluster. The Corolla has an original 10.5-inch multimedia system with full connectivity to Android, Auto and Apple CarPlay (in the Sense and Limited trim levels) and locally installed 9-inch multimedia with full connectivity on the Sun model. For multimedia duty, I'll point out that the Corolla's original reverse camera is the worst I've encountered in a new car in the last two years.

Thanks to the respectable 2.7m wheelbase (remains unchanged), the rear seat clearance is also perfectly suitable for family use, with rear occupants also enjoying air conditioning vents (at all trim levels) and two charging sockets.

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10.5-inch screen, wireless charging and more at the highest finish levels (Photo: Walla! system, Yoav Poles)

Engine and performance: The big difference lies under the outer shell. The new Corolla is powered by Toyota's fifth-generation hybrid powertrain, the same propulsion first unveiled in the Jeepon Corolla Cross. The engine is a 1.8-litre petrol engine, but in the fifth generation of hybrid powertrain, the entire system already delivers 140 hp, compared to 122 hp in the fourth generation of hybrid powertrain, and the differences are quite noticeable.

Acceleration from absolute acceleration to 100 km/h takes 9.3 seconds, a real improvement over 11 seconds on the outgoing model, and intermediate acceleration has also been improved respectively.

The new Corolla is slightly quieter than the outgoing one, (another point improved), and this is especially evident when the gasoline engine is strained, in fast driving, or in overtaking when you seek to set free all promised horses. The Corolla enjoys high road grip and safe and predictable handling, however even in the revamped model won't make you get up early on Saturday mornings to sew some winding road for fun.

The new Corolla cruises effortlessly at speeds that will result in license disqualification, with an official top speed of 180 km/h.

The significant change: the 5th generation powertrain of Toyota hybrids, combining more power and maintaining fuel economy (Photo: Walla! system, Yoav Poles)

Fuel consumption: Toyota also promises a minor improvement in fuel economy thanks to improved propulsion. In practice, in economical driving that combined traffic jams of Highway 4 in the morning and highway (1) in Lod, the Corolla showed an average consumption of 3.9 liters per 100 km, which is over 25 km per liter. In reality, I don't think the average leasing driver will exceed 20 kilometers per liter, which is also excellent fuel consumption for a full-size family. The main variable that will affect your Corolla's fuel consumption is, as always, the driving style.

Safety: The new Corolla has original safety systems that include automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, child forgetfulness warning, lane departure correction, automatic reversing braking, speed sign recognition. The two low-cost models have a safety equipment score of 5, while Limited has a safety equipment score of 7 with the addition of blind-spot vehicle detection, which we lack in the Sun and Sens trim levels.

The big challenge: change enough to innovate, but not too much to deter (Photo: Walla!, Yoav Poles)

Bottom Line

Its outgoing generation Corolla was an excellent vehicle in its own right, efficient, economical, and even comfortable. The geniuses (not in quotation marks) at Toyota decided to preserve all the good qualities of the Corolla, not to invest a single shekel (or Japanese yen) in design changes that require new presses or an updated flashlight design, etc. Zero spending on external modifications, and only improve propulsion.

The result is the best Corolla ever made. Like the original Coca-Cola formula (or SpongeBob's crab patty recipe), there is a 'secret formula' of absolute efficiency and reliability, and Toyota engineers knew how to preserve it.

As mentioned, as it has done since 1966, this is a product that is not exciting in its essence, not exciting in its performance, but in its own way it does exactly what the Corolla is supposed to do, only better, so it is the best Corolla ever. Until the next Corolla.

And this is precisely what may help it become a sales hit this time as well. There are still private customers replacing a Corolla with a Corolla, and won't even splurge on the Corolla Cross. Although these are no longer as numerous as in the past, and stiff competition awaits it in the private market, including from the new electric models.

But in the institutional market, the picture is different. The transition to trams is slower and there is a big shortage of family, the bread and butter of this market. There are no stocks of Hyundai Elantra and there are limited supplies of Skoda Octavia. Stopping importing the estate version won't hurt here, the institutional market is prioritizing the sedan anyway. If the Toyota importer manages to secure suitable inventories for the Corolla, the institutional market will know how to pump them as a source of great spoils and the Corolla will be able to return to star at the top of the sales table in the Israeli market.

Soon in traffic jams near where you live (Photo: Walla! system, Yoav Poles)

On the technical side: Toyota Corolla Limited

Engine, Propulsion:Petrol, Hybrid, Front
Displacement:1,798 cc
Power (hp):140 Torque/RPM (kg):14.5 (petrol only)Transmission:automatic, sequential

Dimensions:Length (m):4.63
Width (m):1.78
Height (m):1.44
Wheelbase (m):

Luggage compartment (liters)

Performance:Acceleration 0-100 (sec):9.3
Maximum speed (km/h):180 Fuel consumption (manufacturer):21.7 km per liter Fuel
consumption (test):18.9
km per liter


5 out of 5 stars in the European crash test.
Active safety: Autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure correction, automatic high light, child forgetfulness alert. Limited also has a passing vehicle warning when fuel is opened.

Air pollution: Groups 2-3 out of 15


3 years or 100,5 km per vehicle, 100 years or <>,<> km for hybrid system

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