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The parents move to listen: How much does it cost to enlist in the IDF? - Walla! Money


In preparation for one of the big recruits of here, August Recruitment, we went out to check what buyers who enlist as a supplement to the basket for a soldier they receive from the IDF and how much it costs parents

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Parents move to listen: How much does it cost to enlist in the IDF?

Recruitment to the IDF is an exciting event for the recruits and their parents, but in most cases it will also involve a significant financial outlay. What does the army give for free, what do the recruits supplement and how much does it cost the parents?


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Friday, 23 July 2021, 10:32 Updated: Sunday, 25 July 2021, 15:56

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The day of recruitment is approaching and the parents understand that with all the excitement, a considerable financial outlay will come with the recruitment.

Tens of thousands of many Ethiopians (designated security service) drafted three major cycles of Israel: Raising the winter in March, August and summer raising another large mobilization in November. These recruitments mainly combat troops.

Their equipment delivers IDF soldier first day is basic and includes a kit bag (they get On the day of enlistment, i.e. it does not replace the large bag they bring with them from home), uniforms, shoes, coat, belt, beret, washers, lock, rubber for shoes, razors, toothbrush, handcuffs, whistle, watch cover, oil spray gun, Brass gloves, a pair of socks, a short shirt and a warm neck. Combat soldiers receive additional equipment related to field combat.

In practice, the equipment provided by the IDF is not enough and the parents are forced to spend hundreds and thousands of shekels on vital supplements.

Prior to enlistment, the officers receive a star card that is like a gift card. It is claimed that it can be redeemed at selected equipment stores.

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The former president comes to greet soldiers in the IDF. Enlisting in the IDF is a privilege, but how do you finance the equipment that is mandatory?

(Photo: Government Press Office, Mark Neiman)

Towards a large recruitment - a significant increase in sales

Ran Goren, VP of Marketing for Hagor

, a manufacturer and marketer of equipment for soldiers, fighters and hiking equipment, says: ".

"As every year, we are preparing to meet the high demand during this period, I estimate they will be reflected in a tens of percent increase in sales. In addition, every year, we hold a recruiting fair offering products from previous collections at discounts to allow soldiers to buy equipment at attractive prices," Goren concludes.

Enlisting in Combat in 2018 (2018). Combat soldiers are required to bring with them quite a bit of equipment not provided by the IDF (Photo: Reuven Castro)

List of recommended equipment for recruits:

Pajamas / sleep clothes

T-shirts for girls and green


sport shirts for fitness training

sports pants

sports shoes


wristwatch preferably digital stopwatch

medicines, gauze, mosquito repellent etc.

Laundry bag

Shampoo / conditioner / bath lotion

Slippers / Towel for shower

Brush and

black rubber


(for women)

Personal hygiene products

Sheet, blanket and pillow for bed

Brush and shoe polish

Mobile phone charger

Additional recommended equipment that can help: flashlight, batteries, lighter, black marker and lock.

* The list is from the best website

Average cost of complementary equipment

According to more club data, the benefits club of Yahad for the Soldier (Keren Levi and the Association for the Soldier), the estimated cost per basket for the recruit ranges from NIS 700 to NIS 1,200 per soldier and the difference is due to the fact that a combat soldier needs more equipment than a rear soldier. Towards winter, a little more expensive,

according to Hagor's team of experts who specialize in equipment for soldiers and conscripts, a package of good equipment that will accompany the soldier during the service includes an 80-liter backpack, quality socks (at least 10 pairs), toiletries, laundry bag and towel. It will cost an average of NIS 550 or more. If you choose particularly expensive products, you can reach NIS 1,500.

Combat service may cost more, essential additions to the combat soldier may increase the 'basket for the soldier' ​​by hundreds of shekels.

We are all kept within bounds, but who keeps the parents' pocket?

(Photo: ShutterStock)

Treats for the new recruits

The "More" club is a benefits club for soldiers in compulsory service

, which was established at the initiative of the IDF Personnel Division and in cooperation with "Together for the Soldier" (Levi Foundation Foundation for Soldiers) in order to provide soldiers with compulsory service discounts, benefits and promotions. , Welfare, Education, Leisure Culture and Cellular.

To help recruits at the beginning of their service and make it easier for parents, club more grants to all IDF recruits, at the end of the recruitment process chain induction kit, gift pampering, which will serve them during basic training and during the entire service. Every year, divided into tens of thousands of sets recruits worth hundreds of dollars.

Contents Enlisted Gift Kit: Bamba, Beasley, Potato Chips, Hot Dish, Instant Soup, Turkish Coffee, Toothpaste, Bath Lotion, Bath Bag, Razor, Shaving Gel, Deodorant and Shampoo. * Product list may change from time to time and depending on stock Existing.

The director of the "More" club, Asher Azulai: The "More" club works throughout the year for the well-being of IDF soldiers. Their military where we work to give them promotions, discounts and benefits in businesses in all areas through the "More Club" credit card, where membership is free. "

More Club, gives soldiers who enlist a pampering kit on the day of enlistment (Photo: Courtesy of More Club, PR)

'Bee' is a chain of convenience stores located inside IDF bases of the same for the Soldier. '

New recruits are not allowed to reach convenience stores early days of basic training, but a trade "Bee-line" allows families of the soldiers Order in the store and send to their loved ones packages pampering perfection Items who forget / run out as hygiene products, toiletries, textiles, accessories complement cellular and of course treats, sweets, drinks and snacks.

according to data provided to us from the network, the most popular products in packages rookies are: water 1.5 liter Coca-Cola 1.5 liter, Bamba 80 grams, battery Charging for a cell phone, a beehive of wet wipes, a sour spicy doritus 55 grams, a Kinder Bueno white / milk 39 grams, a complete lingerie, underwear, socks and shirts, a 1.5 liter peach tea fuse, a shoe polish hive.

According to Zvika Goldenberg, CEO of the Hive chain :

"During the recruitment period in July and August, there was a 250% increase in package orders for the training bases compared to May and June. During this period, we are prepared to supply all demand, through staff reinforcement and doubling shifts, to ensure delivery of the package up to 4 days.

Especially for recruits in August

Specials in the Ricochet chain for soldiers during the entire month of July 2021, can be redeemed at Kochavim + 10% discount for those who pay with a "more" credit card at the time of billing.

Sample specials:

DESERT SNOW cotton boxer - 6 pieces for NIS 99 (instead of 3 pieces for NIS 99)

Olive / white short shirt - 4 pieces for NIS 79 (instead of 2 pieces for NIS 49.90)

Socks "Ricochet" - 6 pieces for NIS 69 (instead of NIS 20/25 per piece)

DESERT SNO microfiber space towel - NIS 45.90 (instead of NIS 69.90)

Clothing and lingerie

Boxer briefs fume hood: In the field, when the fighters are running, crawling and storming, and when the shower is a distant and wet dream, breathable and ventilated underwear is an unusual upgrade for any soldier. Sweat-wicking underwear, for quick-drying antibacterial with flat seams to reduce the occurrence of abrasions and irritations. Price: NIS 50

The H&O chain, chosen by the IDF to provide equipment for recruits, is launching a sale as part of it, the entire collection of soldiers as well as leading sports and lingerie brands will be offered at a 25% discount! (In addition to the discounts available in the store) For soldiers who pay with the star card / cash card that the IDF gives to every conscript.

Among the details of the soldiers' collection on sale: lingerie, fume and thermal clothing, antibacterial socks, backpacks, outdoor equipment, shoe shine kit, socks, underwear, dry-fit shirts with tassels, sports shirts, jerseys, shorts, sneakers, toiletries, towels And more.

Example of special prices for soldiers:

Six army socks - NIS 45

10 pairs of women's socks - NIS 52

7 men's boxer shorts - NIS 75

6 white or olive green

t-shirt for

NIS 75

3 T-shirts for women white or olive green NIS 45

Dreyfit towel - NIS 18.9 The

sale will take place until 31.7.21 in all H&O branches

Clothing and lingerie for soldiers in the H&O chain (Photo: Tomer Lupsko)

Delta offers soldiers basic basic t-shirt packing

of 2 t-shirts at a price of: NIS 80 |

Pack of 2 jerseys at a price: NIS 70 |

Available in chain stores or on the company's website

Delta offers soldiers packages of shirts and T-shirts (Photo: Gilad Bar Shalev)

Hagor offers discounts on a selection of items and in addition, a package for a soldier that includes: an 80-liter Oberland bag, a laundry bag, a velcro towel with quick absorption, a package of socks for a soldier, a hanging bag for a special price of NIS 450 (instead of NIS 570) |

Chimidan Golan 85 liters at a price of NIS 199 (instead of NIS 299)

Socks for soldiers - double case for NIS 45 (instead of NIS 55)

Package for soldier and conscript Price: NIS 450, belted.

(Photo: PR)

The watch brand G-SHOCK from CASIO, presents ultra-durable watches that for the first time incorporate a carbon shell The material consists of thin carbon fibers that have been widely used so far in the aerospace industries.

The carbon core gives the watches exceptional durability and makes them up to 10 times stronger than iron and a quarter weight!

The functions of the watch include: timer, stopwatch, water resistance up to 200 meters, 5 alarm clocks, fully automatic date, automatic LED indoor display and more.

Price: NIS 1,719-579.

Available at select watch stores and the importer's website

G-shock military carbon watch.

Price: NIS 579.

Available at select watch stores (Photo: Overseas PR)


The 45-liter backpack for the Discovery brand of bags and the English camping equipment DISCOVERY ADVENTURES, imported exclusively by Barcom, presents a wide range of backpacks for recruits, with different volumes and in a variety of colors and models.

The bags have a back panel with an airflow system, chest and waist straps for easy adjustment, 2 side mesh pockets for drinking bottles, padded and ventilated waist belt with pocket for fastening and adjusting straps, made of durable fabrics, and include wide and useful compartments for storing small bathing bags and daily items Laptops, keys, wallets and more.

Dimensions: 62X32X21 cm | Price range: NIS 300-450 | Available at KSP, and in camping equipment stores and on the importer's website.

Backpack 22 for conscripts and soldiers serving far from home.

Discovery, price: NIS 450.

(Photo: PR)

Special for soldier / recruiter - suitcase backpack with a large volume of 70 liters - designed for soldiers equipped with a variety of compartments suitable for military use such as a compartment for washing and water bottles, sewn from tough and strong fabric designed to survive the shaking in the bus belly through.

And the bonus?

A small bag is built for the luggage, book and sandwich on the bus on the way to the base.

The bag contains two main compartments and two side pockets, zipper straps to fasten the center of gravity to the back.

Adjustable back system, lined with open-cell sponge and durable mesh fabrics, to keep the back dry and airy.

The price is NIS 370 - * Additional discount for more club card holders |

Available on the Maltail network

Large bag for the recruit + small and accessible bag for small equipment and food, NIS 370, chain for the traveler (Photo: courtesy of the chain for the traveler)

BOBBY Chimidan bag against theft of the traditional SWAGG Chimidan has long been converted into higher quality and more fashionable bags.

A good bag for a soldier should be lightweight and comfortable, with a high capacity and resistant to water / rain.

The BOBBY bag has it all and more, it has a cable for charging the phone and it has hidden zippers and smart technology to prevent theft.

The latest model coming out these days is called BOOBY SOFT, in a soft and loose version.

Its contents include up to 16 liters, it is suitable for carrying a computer and is also available in khaki, the price: NIS 289, available on the company's website: and in the brand's store at 12 HaOmanut Street, Netanya.

Bobby soft anti-theft bag from the swagg website, price: NIS 279 (Photo: Goldfish Studio)

Ancillary equipment

NOMADAY Power Bank 3000mAh portable charger from LEXON, LED indicator.

Built-in shackle 2 USB-A and USB Type-C ports. Charged using the USB Type-C cable included in the package.

Small and easy to carry on a bag, pocket and the like.

The price is NIS 119.

Available at LEXON Importer Bug

Portable charger, connects to the bag (Photo: PR abroad)

Disposable heating bags from the Japanese brand Only Hot, presents four types of disposable heating bag packages made of 100% natural materials and designed for body heating.

The bags provide an available and comfortable heat source that can be carried and used at any given moment.

The duration of the heating operation varies depending on the type of bag and lasts up to 8 to 14 hours.

Prices: NIS 10-19.

Available on the company's website, in the Ricochet chain and in the leading travel stores.

Heating bags for feet and hands from onlyhot.

The price is NIS 19 (Photo: PR abroad)

Travel towel - one of the popular products for fundraising gifts.

So since the IDF still does not provide a tumble dryer - get to know the wonder towel: dries quickly, antibacterial, almost does not catch unpleasant odors, compact and folds into a dedicated mesh bag. There is a model that comes with Scotch so you can walk up to the shower A long day in the army,

price range: NIS 40-90

Travel towel, NIS 45, travel net (Photo: courtesy of the travel net)

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