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Is the wine gendered?


Are women attracted to particular wines? Marketing would like to exploit the vein, but science can not say anything. There remain prejudices and habits ...

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Illustration Charlotte Molas for M The World Magazine

"Women prefer rosé, champagne, sweet wines ..." "This wine should please you, ma'am, it is light, easy to drink. So many clichés that die hard, even though they exasperate the vast majority of professionals, wine-makers, oenologists or sommeliers ...

Obviously, no genetic determinism allows to classify the wines according to an XX or XY coding. No scientific study has corroborated conventional wisdom about women's wine tastes. Many works have certainly interested in reports of men and women to sweet, salty or fat.

Studies with often reductive conclusions

A study, often repeated in the media, suggests that men are more attracted to "salty fat" and women to "fat-sweet". Published in 2014 in the British Journal of Nutrition, it was conducted by Caroline Méjean (INRA) and Aurélie Lampuré (then doctoral student), as part of the study NutriNet-Health on a panel of 37 181 adults. What to reinforce the image of trendy sausage men and women trend tiramisu.

A necessarily reducing photograph, because the socio-cultural characteristics also influence tastes, as these studies specify. As far as wine is concerned, there is no reason to suppose that women would be accomplished in heady sauternes or in the elegant white-white champagne, when the men would have fun in the wild madiran or the bandol with the assertive tannins.

Especially since consumer attitudes do not allow us to draw gendered conclusions either. "There are diagrams of women who consume different wines, even if nuances between women and men can appear. But we can no longer say: women buy and men consume, " says Marie Mascré, co-founder of the specialized marketing agency Sowine.

The role of cultural heritage

Indeed, the annual barometer conducted by Sowine and panelist Dynata, in a sample of 1,000 people aged 18 to 65, in April 2019, shows great similarities in consumer behavior and shopping. There is virtually no distinction between women and men in the consumption of white.

30% of women say they are "big consumers of wine" compared to 43% of men. Sowine / Dynata Barometer

Ditto for the rosé, though often taxed female wine: 18% of women say they are big consumers, one to several times a week, an equivalent percentage in men. The difference is more noticeable on red wine: 16% of women say they consume one to several times a week against 30% of men. And on the general taste for wine: 30% of women say they are "big consumers of wine" against 43% of men. But, again, hard not to see a cultural heritage.

Source: lemonde

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