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Why now is the best time to buy an electric car - voila! vehicle


How much will the use of an electric vehicle become more expensive when the state starts collecting a travel tax on it, and road tests for all electric vehicles in one place

Tram sales are breaking records, and the tax planned by the state will not stop them (Photo: AP)

In January 2023, 7,000 electric cars hit Israel's roads, a jump of almost 400% compared to January 2022. The revolution is already on its way, which pleases those who are troubled by the climate crisis, but stresses the tax collectors.

Every year, drivers of gasoline and diesel vehicles pay about NIS 20 billion in fuel taxes to the state coffers, and the tax authority is not ready to give up this income.

The draft law on arrangements for the upcoming state budget includes a proposal to impose a parallel tax on streetcars from 2026.

It will not be imposed on the electricity itself, but on the trips.

Travel tax, totaling 15 shekels per km. In the explanation, the Treasury claims that the tax is supposed to express the external impact of vehicle use, such as traffic jams and the need for roads. A similar tax has already been levied in Australia, and there is already a recommendation for one in Britain as well: not only is the State of Israel's coffers making a good living Dissolve on fuel.

Why exactly 15 cents?

According to the treasury's calculation, the excise tax and VAT imposed on a liter of gasoline, about NIS 3.3 per liter, not including the temporary reduction this month, equal to 17.4 shekels per liter, according to a simple calculation of the fuel consumption of a hybrid vehicle (19 km per liter).

According to the Treasury's method, the fact that an electric vehicle does not emit pollutants from the exhaust and does not make any noise is only worth 2.8 shekels per liter, and the members of the Government Kiryat rounded the result a bit and thus arrived at 15 shekels.

By the way, this is only in the first stage, later the tax should be calculated individually, according to the hours in which the trips were made (and a higher rate during peak hours) and the areas where the vehicle traveled (and a higher rate for travel in urban demand areas).

The intention is to calculate the annual trip at the time of the annual licensing test, where the vehicle's mileage is recorded anyway, and then charge the driver.

An additional NIS 3,000 tax per year is annoying, but streetcars will remain cheaper to use than gasoline vehicles (Photo: Tomer Feder)

Is this the end of trams?

Not really.

A driver who travels 20,000 km will pay NIS 3,000 in tax per year. This is quite a lot of money, but it is still only part of the annual savings that an electric car generates. Electricity itself is significantly cheaper than gasoline even before the tax, the treatments are cheaper, the insurance and at least for the time being the license fee. Since a tram is NIS 500 to NIS 1,000 cheaper per month to use than a gasoline car at the same price, even the tax collection will leave the driver with about NIS 3,000 to 9,000 after the move. The cost of gasoline alone for such a distance is about NIS 7,000 in the case of a hybrid vehicle that does 19 km m per liter and more than NIS 9,000 in the case of an acceptable gasoline vehicle.

So, if anything, the question is not whether a tram will still remain worthwhile, but why not purchase one now and maximize the profit from the move, in order to drive as much as possible in the period before the imposition of the tax.

But which one?

More than 40 different electric cars are already sold in Israel, in a wide price range, and that's before we took into account the ones that are already offered for sale on the used market.

So before you choose one, this is the complete list of electric cars that are sold in Israel and have been tested at Vala Car in recent years.

Clicking on the link will take you to the full road test on the website.

Special project: The electric revolution: 2023 models, second-hand electric cars, the charging dilemma and more

More in Walla!

B-Cure Laser in an experience sale at an unprecedented and exclusive price

Served on behalf of B Cure Laser

Lip Motor TO3.

Coming to Eilat, despite the size (photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)


Lip Motor TO3: the cheapest electric car in Israel, a 5-door mini car, 4 seats, official range 280 km. Price: NIS 100,000.

Fiat 500e: a new generation of the retro car, in a regular or cabriolet version, official range 190-320 km M.

Price range: NIS 139-160 thousand.

Opel Corsa: modern super mini, twin sister to the Peugeot 208 official range 335 km. Price: NIS

164,000 Peugeot e208: a little more designed and sportier than the German twin. Official range: 339 km.

Price: NIS 165,000

Mini Cooper: Another retro, but super expensive and won't go far.

Official range: 228 km. Price: NIS 255,000.

Hyundai buys EV and Geely Geometry C: Costs like gasoline vehicles.

To go to the comparative test, click on the picture (photo: Walla! system, Udi Etzion)

Family crossovers:

Ceres 3: a relatively cheap but outdated crossover, with an official range of 301 km. Price: NIS 150,000.

Geely Geometric C: advanced and well-equipped, the basic is relatively cheap and expensive for a long range. Official range: 350-460 km.

Price range: NIS 148-165 thousand

Hyundai Kona EV: an electric version, relatively enjoyable, sold in two battery versions.

Official range: 305-485 km. Price range: NIS 153-185 thousand

BYD Auto 3: tall, spacious and designed, with a unique passenger cabin. Official range: 420 km.

Price range: NIS 163.5-175.5 thousand.

Peugeot e2008: electric version of a gasoline car, designed and one of the only fun to drive in the category.

Official range: 341 km. Price: NIS 170,000.

Opel Mokka: Twin for 2008, designed, taller and more expensive. Official range: 338 km.

Price: NIS 179,000.

Citroen e-C4: the electric version for the family is spacious, sharp and elevated.

Price: NIS 174,000.

Skywell ET5, Skoda Aniac and Hyundai Ioniq 5. To go to the comparative test, click on the picture (photo: Dodi Moskovitz)

Executive crossovers

Eways U5: very spacious and comfortable.

Official range: 400-410 km. Price: NIS 177-197 thousand

Kia Niro Plus EV: spacious and useful. Official range: 427 km.

Price: 200 thousand shekels.

Skywall ET5: even bigger, but cumbersome.

Official range: 400 km. Price range: NIS 210-220 thousand

Hyundai Ioniq 5: spacious, comfortably equipped and very successful. Official range: 430-481 km.

Price range: NIS 214-270 thousand

Toyota Bz4x: spacious and designed.

Official range: 459-502 km. Price range: NIS 240-260 thousand

Skoda Aniac: friendly and easy to drive. Official range: 517 km.

Price: NIS

215-285,000 Volkswagen ID.4: twin to the Anyak, higher quality and quieter.

Official range: 519 km. Price range: NIS 235-293 thousand.

Kia EV6: a sportier and more interesting twin to the Ionic 5. Official range: 484-528 km.

Price range: NIS 249-299 thousand.

Tesla Model Y: very agile and long range.

Official range: 517-534 km. Price range: NIS 270-308 thousand.

BYD Tang: a large, powerful crossover with 7 seats and dual drive. Official range: 400 km.

Price: NIS 315,000.

BMW i4.

How do you say Tesla Model 3 in German? (Photo: Kenan Cohen)

Executive cars

Tesla Model 3: agile, long-range and sophisticated.

Range: official: 491-602 km. Price range: NIS 205-289 thousand

Polestar 2: Volvo sporty and full of character. Official range: 462-540 km.

Price range: NIS 255-335 thousand.

BYD Han: big, strong and impressive.

Official range: 521 km. Price: NIS 335,000.

BMW i4: quick and fun. Official range: 461-561 km.

Price range: NIS 379-569 thousand

Volvo XC40 T8.

I'm sure you claimed (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Luxury crossovers

DS3: relatively small but full of character and uniqueness.

An improved version is on the way.

Range: 317 km. Price: NIS

209,000 Lexus UX300e: Also not big, but high quality and very quiet. Improved version on the road: Range: 314 km.

Price: None at the moment.

Audi Q4 i Tron: the prestigious and enriched brother of Aniac and ID.4.

Official range: 531-534 km. Price range: NIS 290-343 thousand.

Audi E Tron: One of the founders of the genre. Large, spacious and safe. Improved model on the way. Range: 395 km.

Price: NIS 525,000.

Volvo XC40: designed and friendly.

Official range: 414-417 km. Price range: NIS 280-310 thousand.

Volvo C40: The coupe version of the XC40. Stylish and comfortable. Official range: 417-442 km.

Price range: NIS 290-320 thousand.

Genesis GV60: a sporty and luxurious twin to the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6.

Official range: 466-517 km. Price range: NIS 329-489 thousand.

Genesis GV70: sporty and extrovert. Range: 455 km.

Voyah Perry: new in the country, very well equipped and strong.

Official range: 500 km. Price: NIS

390,000 BMW iX3: spacious, useful and fun. Official range: 455 km.

Price: NIS 469,000.

Mercedes EQA: comfortable and sophisticated.

Driving range: 414 km. Price range: NIS 320-410 thousand.

Mercedes EQB: unusual seven-seater version. Official range: 410 km.

Price range: NIS 400-475 thousand.

Mercedes EQC: luxurious and equipped.

Official range: 412 km. Price range: NIS 540-635 thousand

Hongji E-HS9.

Magnificent like the emperor's palace (photo: Keinan Cohen)

Crossover par

Hongchi E-HS9: luxurious, extroverted and relatively inexpensive for the size.

Official range: 380-441 km. Price range: NIS 400-500 thousand

Tesla Model X: spaceship with seven seats. Official range: 548 km.

Price: NIS 848,000

in the M-W iX: a sporty and futuristic flagship.

Official range: 408-600 km. Price range: NIS 585-785 thousand

Audi Itron GT.

For those in a hurry to claim, including (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Saloon and luxury sedan

Genesis G80: fast and respectable, less extroverted than other Genesis models.

Range: 520 km. Price: NIS

499,000 Audi Itron GT: Audi's successful answer to the Porsche Taycan. Official range: 472-478 km.

Price range: NIS 770 thousand-1.175 million

Tesla Model S Blade: icon of performance and technology.

Range: 600 km. Price: NIS 820,000

Mercedes EQE: luxurious and luxurious salon. Range: 470-580 thousand NIS. Price range: 520-950 thousand NIS.

Mercedes EQS: comfortable, fast and luxurious executive plane. Official range: 627 -700 km.

Price range: NIS 1-1.5 million.

Porsche Teiken: fast and sporty like a real Porsche.

Official range: 416-463 km. Price range: NIS 700,000-1.55 million

in M-W i7: fast and turns heads. Range: 601 km.

Price: NIS 1.25 million

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