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Muesli bars in the eco test: Almost every second fails - doing it yourself is also possible


Not all granola bars are a healthy snack in between. This is also confirmed by the eco test. Some bars are not recommended at all.

Not all granola bars are a healthy snack in between. This is also confirmed by the eco test. Some bars are not recommended at all.

  • Surprising results with the muesli bar eco test .
  • The consumer portal has examined 20 different cereal bars.
  • Half of the muesli bars criticized Öko-Test for adding flavors and other unhealthy ingredients.

Berlin - Because of the corona virus *, many people are currently only allowed to work in the home office. The temptation to eat something every now and then is great. But if you don't want to eat too unhealthy things like chocolate or chips, you'd better get a healthy granola bar with lots of high-energy carbohydrates .

However, Öko-Test has now taken a close look at them and found that the results are not exactly positive, as * reports.

Öko-Test: More than half of the muesli bars are faulty

Öko-Test has put a total of 20 different granola bars to the test, including four organic products . The result is disappointing, as almost every second muesli bar receives a " poor " or " insufficient " rating.

The cereal bars in which there was too much sugar, mineral oil or even pesticide residues attracted negative attention. But at least: There were also five bars that passed the test with a rating of " very good ".

There are multiple problems with cereal bars in the eco test

One of the main problems in the test are mineral residues and MOAH , reports the Öko-Test . MOAH are aromatic hydrocarbons that can contain carcinogenic substances. In addition to the mineral oil stocks, the testers also complain about glyphosate and bee venom in some cereal bars .

The effects of glyphosate can be disputed, the international cancer research agency IARC assesses glyphosate as likely to be carcinogenic for humans. The European chemicals agency ECHA, on the other hand, says that glyphosate can cause serious eye damage and is toxic to aquatic organisms.

In two tested granola bars , one in the " Corny Haferkraft Blueberry-Chia " and one in the " Hafervoll Flapjack Cashew Cranberry ", the pesticide glyphosate was detected by the Öko-Test .

Many granola bars contain too much sugar

The eco-test explains that not only pollutants can be unhealthy. Many granola bars also contain far too much sugar in the form of glucose-fructose syrup, barley malt extract, fruit syrup, syrup or dried fruit. And that is anything but healthy.

The muesli bars in the test consist of 15 to 44 percent only sugar. That is why, among other things, the " Seitenbacher muesli bar " also fell through the eco test . The 50 grams of muesli bar consists of 22 grams of sugar only - and also contains mineral oil components.

Video: Really tasty & without sugar: recipe for homemade granola bars

If you want to be on the safe side, just make your granola bars yourself . As a rule, this is very easy and so everyone can decide for themselves what is included in the supposedly healthy snack for in between. Whether without sugar and instead with nuts and dried fruit - everything is possible, because there are no limits to the cereal bar universe.

Granola bars do poorly in Öko-Test because of too much sugar

Another granola bar contains 35 grams, 12.5 grams of sugar, which is clearly too much for the eco test . This is the organic product " Mymuesli cereal bar cranberry pistachio ". For these reasons, the cereal bar only gets a " satisfactory " rating.


Öko-Test says many cereal bars contain too much sugar.

© Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa; Öko-Test / dpa; Collage: RUHR24

Öko-Test only tested whole grain pasta at the beginning of March. Here, too, there were sometimes surprising results. Molds were even found in some organic brands.

Eco test: These cereal bars were able to win

At least five cereal bar products were rated " very good " and four cereal bar products were rated " good ". These include the " Alnatura cereal bar maple date " or the organic cereal bar " Rapunzel cereal snack coconut amaranth ".

Make your own organic muesli bars and determine yourself what goes in - very easy. Here is the recipe for organic muesli bars with BioLifestyle ingredients.… # BioLifestyle # muesli # muesli bars # breakfast #Pillerseetalhttps: //

- BioLifestyle (@bio_lifestyle) February 10, 2020

Öko-Test is of the opinion that a good muesli bar provides a good taste just from the ingredients. If you want to try to gain a few pounds, granola bars are very good because they contain a lot of carbohydrates and fiber. However, Öko-Test suggests that you should eat bread, fruit or nuts instead of muesli bars for the small hunger on the go. ngm

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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