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Maná threw all the meat on the grill, lowered the ecological line and made her hits with nostalgia on the surface


Highlights: The popular Mexican group Maná gave the first of their five dates at Movistar Arena. The group that was born at the end of the '80s in Guadalajara, upon its arrival to the city of Buenos Aires, demonstrated how current it remains through its songs. Fans in the south of the continent is not rock, but some hint of that exists within their environment, since the entire list of eighties music that was played until the recital began was almost known by heart.

The popular Mexican group gave the first of their five dates at Movistar Arena. They had not come to Argentina for eight years.

Nostalgia on the surface.

That's what the concert of the Mexican group


was about on Tuesday night, the

first of their five dates in Buenos Aires

, in front of a Movistar packed from boat to boat.

Eight years have passed since his last visit and, without a doubt, it was a kind of

loving reunion with his fans

, almost comparing it to the meeting with a couple with whom one has not seen each other for a long time and when the episode happens, the hug and The demonstration of mutual affection is endless.

Perhaps the absence of great groups that marked the '90s with a flood of pop-rock hits further vindicates the meaning of Maná in times of music without melodies and little love in its themes.

Fher with his silver Telecaster guitar during the Maná show at Movistar Arena.

Photo: Martín Bonetto.

The group that was born at the end of the '80s in Guadalajara, upon its arrival to the city of Buenos Aires,

demonstrated how current it remains through its songs

, whose themes never grow old and become stale through the realities of impossible loves, breakages of hearts or links that fortunately have happy endings.

Fans in the south of the continent

Maná's audience is not rock, but some hint of that exists within their environment, since the entire list of eighties music that was played until the recital began was almost known by heart, be it classics by Queen or The Police, for example. name just a few head groups.

Alex González, Maná's drummer who excelled with a ten-minute solo.

Photo: Martín Bonetto

However, there was something striking among so many people: from people in their thirties to those in their fifties and even those over sixty, they made the evening a bet bordering on the familiar.

Maná arrived in the country as part of his

México Lindo y Querido Tour


, with which he is touring the globe, just as he did countless times, conquering even audiences who do not speak the Spanish language with his lyrics.

Therefore, it was unlikely that something could go wrong on a night with a portion of its Latin audience, well in the south of the continent.

From early on, the lines near the stadium in the Villa Crespo neighborhood were filled with people.

Perhaps as a result of anxiety, or perhaps the need to arrive early to experience everything in an effusive way.

This meant that when the lights went out, just a few minutes before 9:30 p.m., the show was


both on stage and in its decorative seats, in the end they were not used by anyone during the almost two hours that it lasted. the musical meeting.

On a horizontal screen that occupied the entire width of the stage, what stood out was the logo or image of this vindication of Mexican pop and its ancestral culture by one of its greatest references.

The launch of Maná in Movistar Arena.

Photo: Martín Bonetto

That was why they chose to represent theirs with a skull (so evoked in the Day of the Dead, which the Aztecs celebrate) but with a mariachi hat, as well as roses in the eyes and on the sides.

Although there was no allusion to the theme itself, in any case, there was a popular serenade through

El Rey

(unmissable through mariachis anywhere on planet Earth).

The screen that hung barely lasted a few minutes there in front of the public, as it immediately remained at the top.

It was then that

Fher Olivera

appeared in the center of the scene, right in front and with a silver Telecaster guitar.

The first songs and speeches

The singer burst into the song directly, choosing to start with

Send a signal

, without saying a word to his people, supported by his three usual companions in the lighting spotlights, plus a keyboardist, a percussionist and a guitar to add to the mix. rhythmic.

Maná gave a powerful show where there was no shortage of her classic hits.

Photo: Martín Bonetto

The frontman sported his classic long hair and was wearing a T-shirt with a polished skull, dark pants and a beige silk shirt.

Some sonic milestones passed, such as

From head to foot


Corazón Espinado

(written for Carlos Santana), until it was finally time for the greeting so longed for by his supporters.

“Good evening, Buenos Aires, Argentina, what a thrill to be back after so many years!

It was eight years and it seems like a century ago, even with the pandemic.

We have such a good connection with you that I would like to see each other more often,” he expressed to the crowd.

Then he mentioned the flags of neighboring countries present and, before

Corazón espinado

, he went deeper: “We are going to throw the meat on the grill, as they say here in this country.”

In line with their sayings, the songs that completely consecrated them did not stop playing, until

Where Will the Children Play?

A shocking event happened:

on top of the boards they mounted a giant elephant

, alluding to nature and humanity's neglect.

Olivera did not remain silent and gave a short speech.

“Argentina: we Maná have talked a lot about taking care of nature, the one that gives us the day, oxygen, light, heat.

On the one hand, I have been dealing with this issue for 24 years, we are sad about the mistreatment of her, on the other hand we see young people waking up and defending her,” she reflected, took a breath and continued:

“The dilemma is how to convince the planet to reconsider.

And even how to take care of those people who are talking about these very serious topics.

In my case, I bear witness because I am a man of faith.

I tell you something: demand that politicians and businessmen not screw up Argentina, that they respect the land, this is a small message that I leave you to keep in your hearts."

The applause flooded the Movistar Arena, it was just when the singer appeared with a hose filled with smoke, as if it were a harmful pesticide.

After a few songs and after toasting with tequila with his people, the vocalist sang Mariposa treicionera, whose images of a woman with wings across the screen completely captivated the audience present.

Afterwards, the congratulations for the local soccer public did not take long to arrive: “Congratulations on the world championship, bastards!

How cool that he stayed in America and even more cool that he stayed in Argentina! “He expressed it as if it were a caress, and then

he named Lionel Messi and remembered Diego Armando Maradona


More hits

Towards the middle of the show there were two events: a set on a small stage, at the other end of the stadium, a tour of the musicians along one of the sides among the people of the field, and

an impressive solo by the brilliant drummer Alex González

, who It lasted almost ten minutes without stopping and was something similar to a masterclass.

Mana included in his show in Argentina a speech about environmentalism and the destruction of the planet.

Photo: Martín Bonetto

On the other hand, between the songs

It smells like sadness


You are my religion


the singer randomly invited a girl to come on stage


She remained next to the musicians for a long time, until she received a deep hug from Olivera and went down the wooden stairs with moist eyes, a product of her emotionality.

In turn, the singer, eager to tell anecdotes, made reference to his own story in which a girlfriend left him for a wealthy man during his university days.

Every story of his led to a song, explaining the reason for a certain lyric.

Close to the outcome, Fer changed his outfit: he was wearing a red shirt and his hair was tied up, due to the oppressive heat.

There were compliments and praise everywhere from the Argentine public and also a simulation of the

San Blas Pier

, with wood and ropes on the walkway), just when it was the turn of the composition that was long awaited by a large part of the audience.

Suddenly the end came, but the smiles on both sides never ceased to exist: there were balloons as a celebration.

And the promise of a soon return without any excuse.

At least that was what Maná made clear before leaving.

Source: clarin

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