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We Tested: The Intriguing New Trick of Nespresso Capsules | Israel Hayom


Highlights: A new perfume line from an Emirati brand, a makeup collection inspired by "The Little Mermaid" and viral blushes arrive in Israel. Johnson & Johnson is launching a new brand in Israel, OGX, which includes a series of hair care and restoration products. Every week new products come to the market, and we test them and come back to tell you what we thought of them. And consumer news: NNNN • New on the shelf. The Shining Mermaid is a limited edition makeup collection dedicated to the beloved film. Nespresso introduces a filter-style coffee blend.

A new perfume line from an Emirati brand, a makeup collection inspired by "The Little Mermaid" and viral blushes arrive in Israel • Every week new products come to the market, and we test them and come back to tell you what we thought of them • And consumer news: NNNN • New on the shelf

The Shining Mermaid

On the occasion of the release of the film "The Little Mermaid", makeup brand KIKO MILANO is collaborating with Disney and releasing an extensive limited edition makeup collection dedicated to the beloved film. The packaging is beautiful and designed as seashells and shells, the colors are sparkling and pigmented and we loved everything we reviewed in the collection: the bronzers in deep and yeast shades, the pigmented blushes and manage to stay on the skin for a long time, the lipsticks in beautiful matte shades, apply easily and are easy to use, and the highlighters are delicate, but give a natural and beautiful shine to the cheekbones. Great fun.

Price range:139-64 NIS

Kiko Milano's makeup collection inspired by "The Little Mermaid", photo: PR

Behind the filter

Nespresso introduces several innovations for summer 2023: a filter-style coffee blend – the capsule, which is suitable for original machines, includes an outer wrapper that covers it and can be removed, and the discovery of the filter contributes to a higher aroma.

The blend features powerful roasting notes combined with earthy and smoky notes, along with subtle flavors of caramel and honey. The mixture fits in an extra-large glass (150 ml). We have to admit that we loved the trick of opening the capsule cover, which makes the taste a little more present and definitely reminiscent of filter coffee, although it is still a more subtle taste than we expected.

price: 24.40 NIS per sleeve

Nespresso filter coffee blend, photo: PR Abroad

The Magic of Blush

Super-Pharm brought PIXI's blushes to Israel, which went viral, as a first step in bringing Pixie's makeup to Israel. If you've seen women apply something that looks like deodorant to their cheeks, it's these. On the glow blush comes in three shades, enriched with ginseng, aloe, castor oil, green tea extract and more.

Although they are also suitable for use as lipsticks, we didn't like the texture and result on the lips. On the cheeks, on the other hand, they created a perfect look, were easily applied, and it was possible to create layers from a lighter and subtle look to a more flushed look. They are particularly convenient to use and can be blurred with your fingers or brush. We also tested over powder – and they still created a smooth, glowing application.

Price:89 NIS

PIXI blushes, photo: PR Overseas

Restore hair

Johnson & Johnson is launching a new brand in Israel, OGX, which includes a series of hair care and restoration products. We tested the series (shampoo and conditioner) plus milk and coconut oil for dry, moisture-free and shine-free hair, and the series (shampoo, conditioner and serum-oil) plus argan oil and keratin, for long, brittle and delicate hair with split ends.

Coconut Series smells amazing and feels good on dry, moisture-free hair, and hair feels softer after use. The Argan series also has a pleasant floral citrus scent that even stayed on the hair, and it made it shine and be more pleasant, but after a few days the hair returned to being dry and less easy to comb. We did not feel a significant change after using the serum.

Price:33 NIS per shampoo/conditioner, available at Super-Pharm

OGX hair care and restoration products, photo: PR Abroad

Straight out of Dubai

A new perfume series in Israel from the Emirati club de nuit. The perfumes are unisex, but feel more masculine – we tested Anne-Told, which is based on saffron and jasmine with amberwood and cedar notes: the perfume breaks out in a powerful bombardment combined with deep saffron scents, and then evaporates into a lighter jasmine scent.

The smell feels very heavy and less suitable for the days of the Israeli sherb, although the bottle is particularly beautiful. The second perfume, Blue Iconic, is based on lemon and mint with a floral scent, and it storms the Israeli heat with a refreshing citrus scent, hints of amber and even an echo of balsamic. The differential smell manages to last on the skin, and is especially pleasant.

Price:200 NIS

Perfume by Emirati Club De Nuit, photo: PR Abroad

Facial technology

A pair of new serums from Shiseido present a scientific breakthrough, according to the company, which is the result of three years of dedicated research with multidisciplinary experts. The serums, day and night, contain high molecular weight hyaluronic acid technology, while maintaining its moisture and volume and without changing its molecular structure.

The acid penetrates the skin and expands after penetration to increase volume from within, creating a more youthful appearance. Although there was no change after one use, as the company promises, after two weeks our skin felt and looked better. We can't say we could have diagnosed fewer fine lines or more volume, but overall, the skin would look healthier, more hydrated and even – and between us, that's what we're looking for.

Price:1,200 NIS

New Shiseido Serums, Photo: PR

Consumer News

The Dan Hotels chain begins selling products from the Barcelona-born beauty brand HAAN, including hand hygiene spray enriched with aloe vera in a variety of scents: floral, pine and cedar trees, lavender, rose and more, and nourishing hand creams scented with coconut and white peach, carrots and turmeric and green figs and pimentos. As part of the move, VIP guests of the chain's hotels will receive the products as a gift, and they will be sold at the LINK hotel&hub hotel in Tel Aviv. Price:35 NIS for hygiene spray (30 ml), 50 NIS for hand cream (50 ml)

HAAN hand sanitizer, photo: PR

Olaplex by G Cosmetics comes out with the DISCOVERY KIT travel kit, which contains eight products in reduced sizes of 20-30ml, and also includes the standard size hair restorative oil. The kit contains: Olaplex No. 3 - Home treatment preparation, Oleplex No. 4 - Therapeutic shampoo, Olaplex number C4 - Purifying shampoo for deep cleansing, Olaplex No. 5 - Conditioner for the restoration of all hair types, Oleplex No. 6 – Restorative hair styling cream, Oleplex No. 7 - Restorative oil, Oleplex No. 8 - Intense moisturizing mask and Oleplex No. 9 - Nourishing serum. Kit price: 199 NIS.

Meanwhile, another product is joining Ulplex - No 4C BOND - MAIMTENANCE CLARIFYING SHAMPOO, a shampoo designed for deep and intensive cleansing of the outer layer of hair and the removal of minerals, hard water and excess oils. Suitable for home use, or for hair salon care before performing a chemical action on the hair. Price: 180 NIS per 250 ml. Available on the G Cosmetics website

New Olaplex Travel Kit, Photo: Olaplex Abroad

Olaplex's new shampoo, photo: Olaplex Abroad

ABOUT A YEAR AGO, MAC LAUNCHED THE MAC STACK MASCARA, AND NOW THEY'VE CREATED IT IN A WATERPROOF VERSION. In Israel's sweaty summer, when all mascaras leave marks on the upper eyelid and sometimes apply to the lower eyelid as well, we tested the mascara and saw that it was good - little to almost non-existent application and maximum durability. Just keep in mind that in order to take it off - you need to use a makeup remover and not micellar water. Price: 149 NIS.

Mack's waterproof mascara, photo: PR Overseas

A new series of premium vegan skewers from the "Teva Sheli" brand is marketed by the company "Guri". The skewers come in chicken, beef fillet and kebab flavors. The products contain no chemical ingredients and are not genetically modified. All products are certified by the Vegan Friendly Association. We tasted: the chicken and fillet do resemble something meatier in their taste, mainly thanks to the very specific seasoning for the skewers. They are delicious and can be a refreshing change from meat skewers. The kebab, on the other hand, is too dense and fails to come close in taste to the kebab, and we were less attached to it in taste. Recommended price: 25 NIS per 260 grams.

Vegan skewers, in my nature, photo: PR Guri

Saba Habib presents a series of olives stuffed with five flavors: filled with lemon, hot pepper, red pepper, garlic and almonds. We approached the olives filled with almonds as people who don't particularly like olives but love almonds very much, and we came out of it people who love olives (and the almonds are also fine). They are extremely fresh, juicy and have a clean aroma that leaves you wanting more. Excellent snack between meals. Price: 20 NIS per 500 grams.

Olives in a variety of fillings by Grandpa Habib, photo: PR

Thelma expands the PROTEIN granola series and launches a new granola with 22% protein, dark chocolate and cashews, and contains half a teaspoon of sugar in a 30-gram serving. The mixture is delicious, and the dark chocolate icicles greatly enhance the flavor. The only problem: 30 grams is an extremely small serving, and it's hard to settle for it. Price range:15-22 NIS.

Thelema's Protein Granola, Photo: Studio 0304

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