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they are charging us


While those who supported the pardons march against the dictatorship, they grab the funds of the retirees and inaugurate a train that takes 27 hours to reach Mendoza.

First of all, we congratulate "president" Alberto for getting Joe Biden to invite him to a meeting at the White House and thus securing the much-desired photo with the US president.

It would not be strange for that photo to change Alberto's future, empower him and give him a new opportunity in life.

Perhaps, as of December 10, instead of being employed again at Coco Automotores on Avenida La Plata, Alberto

will be able to become independent by opening his own official Chevrolet or Ford dealership


Knowing him, as we already know him, it is not difficult to imagine him at the opening of the premises, decorated with a gigantic photograph of him with Biden, a Gin Tonic in hand and leaning against a 153 CV Cruze RS Turbo.

Congratulations and good fortune in all ciò che viene.

That being said, here's a clarification for the Kirchner friends in relation to Macri's latest statements on Human Rights.

When he talks about "the DD.HH." job, he doesn't really intend to offend the cause but rather refers to the choreo of Shared Dreams and some other abuses that have been committed in recent years.

More precisely since 2003 when Néstor created public education and apologized on behalf of the National State for not having done anything on the subject,

ignoring the Trial of the Boards promoted by Alfonsín, CONADEP, Strassera, Sábato, Magdalena, Fernández Meijide and others. minions on the right


It happens that the Cat is not proficient in the art of words and, to top it off, when he refers to the Human Rights issue, he usually messes up because it is not his forte.

You have to understand it.

In the dark years and at the dawn of democracy he had not yet reached politics.

He was late on the golf course.

Although today he is already fully involved in politics, certain gaps in his civic education

every once in a while throw him to the side

and you have to go out and translate it quickly before he himself sinks the republican ship.

Nobody is perfect.

What can we do.

You Kirchnerists have had to come out to defend the hotels, the millions of the Kirchners and their secretaries, the adventures of Lázaro, José López and other entrepreneurs, the reinstatement of inflation in 2007, the provincial democracies of Insfrán, Zamora


Alperovich , support for those of Maduro and Ortega, swallowing frogs like Scioli's candidacy in 2015, Alberto's in 2019, the current management of Massa and, as if that were not enough, they keep hiding the Peronist support for the self-amnesty that they promulgated the military in 1983 and

the pardons that the Kirchnerists, when they were Menemists, granted the genocidal in 1990


Hard work for you, Kirchner friends, especially every time you celebrate March 24.

Just as all that happened to you, we Democrats had to defend the Republic with this boy nicknamed "El Gato."

It is what there was.

Sad life of the Argentine social democrat republican with social sensitivity and commitment to human rights.

We will have to be patient until a statesman appears.

Marginal paragraph about March 24: Máximo and his friends from La Cámpora are going to have a flower of disgust when they find out that Néstor and Cristina were civil servants and were an active and militant part of Menemism when Menem signed the pardons.

And that, far from criticizing him and opening up, they continued to be part of and militate in favor of the Turk for several more years.

They're going to have to discuss it in therapy


Clarified the point, let's go to the important thing.

Contrary to what many people believe, the maneuver of taking dollar bonds from the retirement system and exchanging them for peso bonds is a great measure.

It represents a true stimulus for our dear grandparents

because, after this, they will want to continue living for many more years, even if it is to see if Massa's thing was to make money for them, as everyone supposes, or to generate a profit of 2,000 green sticks. as Fernanda Raverta, the head of the ANSeS, predicted.

They shouldn't get excited.

If they actually manage to earn those 2,000 million dollars, the most likely thing is that they will chore them again, as has been the case since current retirees went to kindergarten, including the time when Kirchnerism was Menemist and they were robbed with commissions the AFJP until they stopped being menemistas and choreó them with the nationalization.

Why is it so easy to handle the money of retirees?

Because they have no one to defend them.

They don't have a union or a business chamber or a social movement or anything


They only had Alberto's emotional retirement sensitivity and not even that anymore.

It is enough to remember his fiery speeches when he promised that he was going to increase pensions by eliminating the Leliqs and added euphorically:

"between the retirees and the banks, I'll stay with the retirees!!"



In case there was any doubt about his intentions, on July 19, 2019 at 10:50 p.m. he wrote the following tweet:

“Between the banks and the SMEs, we are left with the SMEs.

Between the banks and the retirees, we stay with the retirees.

Between banks and public education, we are left with public education.

Between the banks and the people, we stay with the people”


You can see that when the guy arrived at La Rosada there was a misunderstanding and everything went wrong. How could he have happened?

Surely Alberto was somewhat confused when he ordered Guzmán to implement the necessary measures to increase pensions, to which he, when in doubt, decided to consult Kicillof who immediately went to tell Máximo that he quickly brought the news to his mother which he immediately approved to the cry of

"great, let's start with mine!"

(That's why Cristina charges a total of 9 monthly sticks), but to review the measurements, she made one of those hilarious telephone consultations with Parrilli who, not having the slightest idea what they were talking about, asked Zannini for advice, who suggested telling him Maximo to tell Kicillof that Guzmán knows nothing and to think otherwise.

By the time the order finished going around, Guzmán had already resigned.

That's why they brought him to Massa.

"Take charge"

they told him and right there the guy sat in the office,

opened the bowling alley and started billing

(billing politically speaking, understandable right?).

That's how they started, that's how they continued and that's how today the government is in such chaos that it leaves Together for Change on the brink of electoral victory.

Can the ruling party still win the elections in this context?

Of course.

It depends on how wrong the JvC people are.

They have already shown that making mistakes is the specialty of the house.

How much could Milei influence this matter?

It's a mystery.

We only know that she watches TV from Monday to Friday and on weekends she tramples chicks in the living room.

Is this Argentina?

She is one of them.

There is another much better.


The one we saw on Thursday at the Monumental.

That of talent and joy that makes us unique on the planet


That of the people dressed in light blue and white, happy despite adversity and their rulers.

All united and singing the new hymn to resistance and hope:

"And I don't plan to sink lying here

And I don't plan to bleed to death

And no oh oh don't ask me not to try again

Let things go back to their place..."

Meanwhile, a day earlier, Alberto and Massa were starring in an act in Mendoza to celebrate

another milestone in Kirchner's rail policy


From the creators of the bullet train and the tragedy of Once, now comes the new train that runs the 1,000 kilometers from Buenos Aires to Mendoza.

In the 21st century it takes 27 hours.

They applauded.

They are charging us.

look too

Exclusive: they estimate that the next president would be another crack

Source: clarin

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