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Four years after the tragedy in the Delta: the unsolved mystery of the fourth passenger and the radar that could not be identified


The case remains open and although the Board of Investigation blamed the pilot for a bad maneuver, the family still maintains that something else happened.

Mariano gavira

07/24/2021 4:26 PM

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Updated 07/24/2021 4:26 PM

Pía Ronzano asks for a time to answer the phone.

After half an hour a message arrives: “Call me”, she says and explains that the time to talk is now because her son is not with her and she can chat quietly.

“These dates are always difficult,

you get sick at any moment


You remember an image, a moment and it distresses you ”.

On a day like today, but 4 years ago, the Mitsubishi MU-2 plane, registration LV-MCV, disappeared six minutes after taking off from the San Fernando airport.

Inside were

Matías Ronzano

, pilot (31),

Emanuel Vega

, co-pilot (25) and the only passenger

Matías Aristi

, 37, son of the aircraft's owner.

The plane, which belonged to the agricultural company Aibal SA, based in the town of Bragado, was the transport that transported the businessmen

to the fields they had in the country


Ronzano was a kind of "driver" of the company while at his side, Vega spent his first hours in the air.

That unfinished trip

was destined for the town of Las Lomitas, Formosa


Open the sun and there you are.

At each sunrise I look at the sky imagining that I will see you again. 

Matías Ronzano with his daughter Margarita.

The search operation

lasted 26 long days

and was gigantic.

24 boats and boats, 12 aircraft and 9 drones participated, with members of the ANAC, the Air Force, the Navy, the Naval Prefecture, the Gendarmerie, the Federal Police, the Buenos Aires Police, the Uruguayan Air Force and civil aircraft, pilots friends of the disappeared who

conducted a parallel search


Almost a month later than that July 24, 2017, the wreckage of the plane was found in an almost impenetrable area, at kilometer 141.5 of the Paraná Guazú River in the Delta.

A swamp terrain, surrounded by water, mud and islets.

Four years after that tragedy,

the investigation continues


Although the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board (Jiaac) determined that it was

a human error

that it mentioned as "

loss of control in flight

", the cause is still not closed and for the pilot's relatives

there are elements that raise suspicions


The area of ​​the Delta where the Mitsubishi plane fell.

Pía is the pilot's sister


Social worker in a school in Lincoln, province of Buenos Aires, where the whole family is from.

“I maintain that it was not an accident, that something else happened, that there is something behind it.

I would like to know,

I hope my life reaches me to find out


Inside my heart this love is still intact,

because you have strongly marked your words, your value.

Within the cause there are situations that are still unknown.

One of them is the

enigmatic fourth person

who appears

captured by the security cameras of the airport

while prowling the plane minutes before takeoff - in an area that is restricted for everyone - and

that even today could not be identified


Matias Ronzano and Emanuel Vega.

Pilot and copilot of the plane that was destined for Las Lomitas, Formosa.

Another is why the airport radar

could not identify the aircraft

(this arises from the last communication between the pilots and the control tower in which the controllers ask it to return), but

an aircraft that was flying in the area

and also the

Merlo Aerospace Surveillance and Control Center


Hours after the accident,

the cell phones of the three people were ringing normally


What happened next is also being investigated.

Or if what the officials did next

was what they should have done


Authorities say they followed protocol: start the search

once the plane has used up all the fuel


They say that it is common for pilots not to follow the directions of the controllers.

The point is that contact was lost at 2:40



the search only began the morning of the next day


Matías Aristi, son of the owner of the agricultural company Aibal SA and passenger on the plane.

And it is that no, I will not forget

that smile in the sky, that look of the sea.

I just don't want to forget

those black-lashed eyes,

those salt-white teeth.

“It literally kills my head

not knowing what happened


It is a brand that will stay with me forever.

I think about it, I think, I analyze, I do calculations, but nothing allows me to find an answer, ”says Pía.

The plane was a Mitsubishi MU-2.

A turboprop that has not been manufactured for years and

that flew in the war for the Malvinas


They say: a great plane but a



to fly


And an unreliable plane too: it

has the highest accident rate in its category


During the 26 days of the search - and also some time later - there was talk of

drug trafficking

, money laundering,


, an escape from the country, and debts.


The reality is that everything was ruled out,

" adds Mariano Lizardo, lawyer for the Ronzano family.

"Now what remains to be known is whether there was ANAC responsibility at the time of authorizing the flight and whether there was responsibility in the inspection of the aircraft before it took off," explains Lizardo, who is also a lawyer for Fabiola Yáñez and Estanislao, wife and son. of President Alberto Fernández.

Every day that I spend here walking I look at the sky,

and in the clouds I can see your words of encouragement.

Like anyone trying to grow up in aeronautics, Ronzano knew well that pilot training courses were not cheap.

And for that, he decided to accept any type of job in order to receive instruction classes: he

cut the grass of the city's flying club

and gave logistical support from the ground to fumigation planes.

His first hours of flight

were made for the Circo Rodas

, where he broadcast publicity for the show through loudspeakers and summoned the neighbors from the air.

He was married to Ángela Barbero and they had a daughter, Margarita, who turns 5 in September and who, like her father, looks obsessively at the sky every time she sees a plane pass by.

Margarita, daughter of Matías, also a fanatic of airplanes.

“My brother was passionate about what he did.

He loved to fly, he was very careful, obsessive.

How can it be that if he was planning the best, he

fell on his head

”, asks Pía.

Part of the wreckage of the plane was buried at a depth of five meters in a crater of approximately 80 m2, covered with water, and with a dispersion of debris that covered a circumference of

50 meters in radius.

Objects such as the aircraft's transponder and navigation systems

were never found


I know that you are going to guide me even if I am not in front of you.

I feel you very inside because you are my reference.

In the midst of the disaster, among the plates and the destroyed engines, a photo that Ronzano carried

among the sheets of his flight plan

survived intact


An image of him with his nephew Romeo, his sister's son.

The photo of Matías with his nephew that was left intact between the sheets of the plane.

Pía took refuge in music.

He says it is a balm that gives him energy to keep going.

One winter day, sitting at the dining room table, she felt a special force that forced her to look for a pencil and paper to overturn what was happening to her.

He wrote his first song, Cielo,

dedicated to his brother


Suddenly he understood that art was the way.

“Matías taught me that you

have to do what you like


He died while flying, he went in his law and I was not happy with my life.

And it is that no, I will not forget

that smile in the sky, that look of the sea.

I just don't want to forget

those black-lashed eyes,

those salt-white teeth.

He wrote eleven more songs and

in September he will publish his first album


In the middle awaits the result of another legal fight, a civil lawsuit against the agricultural company that owns the plane (Aibal SA) and also the insurer Sancor, who have not yet made proposals for property reparation.

“MY son Romeo now looks for tutorials on YouTube and

builds paper airplanes


Margarita, Mati's daughter, goes to the flying club on Sundays and spends the afternoon between landings and take-offs.

That is the legacy he left us, to do what one likes the most ”.

I learned to find you in so many beautiful memories, they

are the curlers of your love,

that caress this winter.

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