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First ride: the new Yamaha MT-09 SP - Walla! vehicle


The Yamaha MT09 Nike motorcycle is renewed in the third generation, with more volume, more power, more electronics and less weight. How many miles later we come back with a clear conclusion about it

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First ride: the new Yamaha MT-09 SP

For the third time, Yamaha took everything good on the MT-09, mounted electronics on it, sprinkled it over excellent assemblies, put it in the oven and what came out of it was a wonderfully cultured hooligan


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Keenan Cohen

Friday, 18 June 2021, 09:00 Updated: 09:22

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Yamaha MT-09 SP (Manufacturer)

Unlike popular culture, in the commercial world counter-movements are not always a safe bet.

For years the concept was to do what everyone else does, a little better, a little less good - but stay on track.

Even Che Guevara in the end contributed more to the capitalism of the printed t-shirt industry than to the spread of liberty and socialism in South America.

But the Yamaha MT series that wound up after the economic crisis of the end of the previous decade was just the opposite - less technology, less money and more fun.

The new MT-09 faces a new challenge: walking between the drops of embers and DNA alongside the need to move forward.

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Get on it

The positioning on the motorcycle and the adaptation on it is very fast, the seat is 825 mm high and can definitely be defined as user-friendly, even if not very high. Its structure is narrow and rounded in the part next to the fuel tank, so the legs are not extreme, I found bending the legs here exactly at balanced between a position in combat to one that causes you extreme bending. you can play with height adjustable legs that residency can be removed and threaded a higher position, looks like something Allen key and a 10-minute work close to this corner.

the first thing I Understand about it is how small it is under me, no matter how dense and flattened it looks to you, when you sit on it it seems to shrink even further under you.The second thing is that it is so light, which means that in standing you can just easily roll it in and out of parking lots On a slope and you're not exactly one of those who perseveres in CrossFit.

The display is too small and how it manages to be clear for reading the main indications (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The switches fall into the hands, the quality and human engineering are great - a Yamaha classic and really hard to find something that does not happen exactly as you thought it was supposed to happen.

Through the scroll wheel in the right switch housing you can control and set the calibration and preferences in the menus, or select the two fixed displays on the screen and it is easy and simple after a try or two.

While buttons in the left switch housing control the throttle position maps and traction control.

And these systems, it is important to note are some of the new features of this motorcycle that is undergoing quite a significant metamorphosis in its new generation and about that later.

The feeling is of a smaller motorcycle than it is (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The display on the TFT screen is good, clear and sharp, but I would be happy for a slightly larger screen, come on, 3.5 inches?

Just to give you a tangible idea - the iPhone 4 had a 3.5-inch screen.

And if it's the size then at least it will be possible to play with the different displays, because the more secondary data and also the RPM gauge are a bit small to read at a glance. Since the fuel display here, is a piece of shit. It is very stupidly divided into a full tank display It goes to half a container and from there three more cubes to the reserve, what went through your mind that you did it and if you did it - put a display of the miles left to the container, something.

The braking system from the R1 (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

Riding on it

Despite the increase in volume from 847 to 889 cc, the engine continues to be packaged in its familiar compact configuration, folded inside the aluminum diamond chassis like a fist from which the exhaust manifold emerges with three tubes draining to a bottom boiler.

The MT family acronym is Master of The Torque and Yamaha MT-09 could easily be the poster child of this slogan, the magic that hides in 3-cylinder engines in the column with their continuous torque supply (and here it's the magic of birthdays compared to what goes in the 6-column engines) and their smooth response. You need to be a millimeter above idle so that in almost any position or gear the rear tire will simply get stuck in the asphalt and the front will rise to slight levitation and above - depending on how you adjusted the Willy control. wait, what?! Willy control on MT-09? Yes, the new generation of the 09 is less the reckless bully that was in previous years, he has matured, moderated, realizing that at the end of every winding road awaits in the family home and that there is a difference between a laugh of fun and a laugh of madness.

Threaten to swing a wheel in any gear and speed if you have not set the Willy setting (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

The throttle has four positions or management maps of the engine, with 1 being the sharpest and 4 having the most moderate response.

This is not always the case with other manufacturers, but here the situations are very differentiated and there are noticeable differences between the four, Yamaha is one of the oldest to use a cordless throttle and this experience is definitely reflected here.

In fact, unlike before, there is not even the cable that controls the throttle sensor - the whole business works through the chip in the gas handle.

Either way, as far as I can remember the previous generation, the action here is much smoother in the transition between closed and open gas.

The motorcycle's grip management system receives data from an energy measurement sensor in 3 axes or 6 axes / directions (front-rear, right-to-left tilt and right-to-left turn).

The goal is to give the motorcycle an idea of ​​its condition in space, as soon as there is a deviation from the parameters set for it in one of the axes the system realizes that something is going wrong or is approaching it and intervenes.

The highlight of the SP version are the new shock absorbers, here behind with those of Ohlins (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

The new, smaller chassis is also stiffer. You feel it when you sit right above the front wheel and how it changes direction from side to side in one sharp movement, right-left flickers that give you a lot of confidence in the ability of the tool, just hug tight with the calves and hips and give a side-to-side push - he probably has no problem with It. Speaking of a new chassis, both it and the fuel tank were created to facilitate this embrace of the tool. The lighter rims of the current generation also contribute to this ease of movement, which are produced by milling rather than casting, thus saving weight. Less weight = less perseverance or perseverance or inertia (depending on who taught you physics), and what interests us - less resistance to change direction.

I can not say what this hardening did for comfort in the regular model because we are on the SP, the end version equipped with a rear shock absorber of Ohlins and front of the Kaiba filled with fairy powder - chatter - this is the most scientific explanation you will get from me for their soothing magic.

Preserves the transformational design, but returns to a single flashlight (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

And the brakes here, oh, they were exactly what I like about motorcycles - this initial bite with a quick pull of the lever and on the other hand sensitivity when you just stroke them in a quick transition with your fingers to give a little more grip to the front.

And even within the braking, they have a release move that allows the downgrader to be reduced as you get more and more tilted.

I personally do not ride strong or aggressive and this is exactly the style that suits me, because this sense of control gives me much more confidence in the vehicle and as a result the ability to take advantage of it.

I just couldn't stop thinking about the fact that because these are the brakes that come from the R1, I have a glass of brake fluid stuck in front of my eyes like the fastest urine sample in the world.

A light, very agile motorcycle that still makes a lot of fun in turns (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

The gearbox is equipped with a quickshift for raising and lowering the gears.

The business works very smoothly in fact from the moment you disconnected in first gear until the moment you roll to a stop, you can forget about the clutch.

I can understand who the gears will not be fast enough for, but in my impression and I am careful with the decisions here, it is not that they are not as fast as they are smooth.

That is, there is no sense of "hit" and renewed power of similar boxes here.

Maybe as a means of keeping the box, maybe for other reasons - but that's the situation.

Of course anyone who wants to keep using it is welcome, very welcome even because he will discover a handle with a lanyard move and a good sense of friction point that facilitates gentle work with him in gentle crawls or maneuvers.

Front shock absorbers made by KYB (Photo: Manufacturer's website)

By the way subtle maneuvers, with all its streetfighter-Nike pose, the handlebar's angling angle is pretty shabby, and a crowded maneuvering sword between cars for example and sort of back-and-forth slings instead of one side-to-side motion.

Apart from this point, the traffic in the city is a pleasure, the flexible quickshift engine, the shock absorbers - it is an excellent tool that lives on the streets.

Even off the streets it has something to offer, with breath and power that it is only your endurance in front of the wind that will limit the speed.

Indeed, even though it has cruise control, for those who think of it for long rides and long-distance trips, it is worth thinking again - a continuous ride blitz from the Carmel to Jerusalem has already made me filter curses on my helmet a little after Abu Ghosh.

And if we are talking about distances, with fuel consumption of about 15.5 km per liter on average in the test and 14 liters in the fuel tank this friend requires quite frequent entries to gas stations.

Almost all the components here are fundamentally new (Photo: Keinan Cohen)

Recommend it?

Let's momentarily divide the potential customers of the MT-09 into two: those who come to it for the first time and graduates of the previous generation.

For the first group, although it has excellent competitors around the KTM 890R, Ducati Monster, Kawasaki Z900 and others and I hope you go through and test them all to figure out what suits you - in its current generation, it is one of the more versatile tools in this group, also in terms of version The "simple" without the Ohlins dampers, paint, upholstery and other SP decorations.

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As for the second group, well, the points where it has improved so much compared to the previous generation - especially the electronics and engine management, have made it better, but also less analog than the outgoing generation.

I say that for those whose slightly rough character is around the edges he had and who was sharpened and restrained in the present generation - is something that some will actually lack.

To others?

They might actually appreciate his moderation, because they, too, are no longer in their 20s and something they bought him then.

One last point is its price, here in the SP version, there is no arguing that at 82,000 shekels it is at the top of the category, and sins against that basic essence of cheap fun, but it is also aimed at the narrow segment of those looking for its maximum capabilities.

The regular version at NIS 73,000 more or less keeps the prices of the outgoing generation.

For most customers, it is the more correct purchase of the two.

On the technical side: Yamaha MT-09 SP






889 cc


119 hp / 10,000 rpm


9.5 kg / 7,000 rpm

Box and clutch:

6 gears, Quickshift Two-way


Diamond, aluminum

Front fork / Move:

Telescopic, Kayaba / 41 mm

Rear shock / Move:

Swingarm, Ohlins

Front brake / Rear:

298 mm Double / 245 mm Single



1,430 mm of

any fuel:

14 liters

Height Seat:

825 mm

Wet weight:

190 kg


Kawasaki Z900, BMW F900R, KTM 890 Precision R, Ducati Monster


82,000 shekels

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